Should Top Level Authorities Take Suggestions From Employees? Discuss

Write about the following topic:

Company top level authorities should or should not take employees suggestions or ideas to take any decisions. Discuss?

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.


The participation and involvement of employees in decision-making process of organization is a real risk and on the other hand, promotes company’s growth. So whether to involve employees in decision making by company’s top level authorities is arguable. The argument has both sides which I will discuss further in this essay.

Within decision-making process, sensitive financial data and information are shared with the participants. When the company involves employees in such process it makes them feel trustworthy and being treated fairly. They treat themselves as an important asset for the organization. Such feelings lead to enhanced performance and improved productivity. The employee who voices in top level authorities discussion feel secure and in turn great commitment towards the organization.

The fear of inconsistent decision making greatly increases by involving employee suggestions or ideas to take any decisions. Top level authorities or managers face a hard time monitoring negative communication and attitude among employees. When there are many voices in top level decision making, there is potential for chaos. Also, there are some secrets in an organization that are meant for are reserved for management levels should not be revealed to everyone. Such activities promote sharing of company’s valuable information which increases the risk of information getting leaked. It can prove dangerous for the well-being of an organization.

To conclude, the consistent decision making is critical to brand recognition and consistency. Allowing employees to share their ideas and make decisions have more of advantage for an organization so steps should be taken to ensure consistency of decision. More of employees involvement will result in increased output and thereby in company’s growth.

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