PTE Writing Essay: Positive And Negative Effects Of Today’s Communication

Write about the following topic:

Positive and negative effects of today’s communication.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.


Over the years, a paradigm shift happened in the way people communicate. From the era of the telegraph, today’s communication has been transformed into web 2.0 and social media sites. With the introduction of too many tools for our communication are we instead becoming less connected? In this essay, I am gonna analyze both positive and negative effects of today’s communication.

In this modern era of Twitter and Facebook, our lives are more connected on a global scale than ever. Earlier we used to communicate through telegraph and then came telephone, cell phones, email and now social media. It is interesting to see how technology has changed our lives for better. It is now significantly easier to interact with our peers, regardless of the physical miles. Social networking sites like Facebook allow people to remain in contact with family, friends and interact with complete strangers which otherwise might not have been possible.

That being said though it has also altered our interactions with each other. Today’s popular means of communication lacks the ability to portray human emotions and nonverbal cues (facial expressions, gestures, sounds etc.) We have to be more vigilant than ever while sharing our personal information on social sites. These sites allow people to share information and photos with others, which can otherwise prove dangerous.

To conclude, it definitely has made our lives easier but at what cost? Today’s communication system has made the world a global village but continuously advancing technology has also bought many issues like overriding cultures, privacy issues.


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