PTE Writing Essay: Learning A New Language At An Early Age Is Helpful For Children.

Write about the following topic:

Learning a new language at an early age is helpful for children. Is it more positive for their future aspect or have some adverse effects. Agree or disagree.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.


Research shows that learning a new language at an early age, maybe as early as 3 years old, opens up a whole new world for the child that otherwise would have been difficult. I am of the view that it is more positive for their future. In this article, I will further prove my viewpoint.

The scientists believe that children have enhanced creativity, better memory and multi-tasking abilities at a younger age. At such an early age, it is much easier for the children to learn a new language with better fluency, accent than if they learn later in life. Children “soak everything like a sponge”, this mantra in itself is a proof that children are better learners than adults.

Children’s brains are in the development age so are ready to accept and willing to learn a foreign language. It can also provide academic benefits at a later stage in life. The studies show that bilingual students have higher mathematical skills and are known to perform better in exams including SAT.

Unlike other parts of the body, our brain to functions better with exercise. Learning a new language is more like an exercise for children as it involves memorizing rules and vocabulary. Overall it helps strengthen the brain. Bilingual (or multilingual) individuals have an edge in their school time, in college days and predominantly, in the workforce.

To conclude, the individuals who know 2 or more languages have better insight to people, places, and culture than rest of those who don’t. In turn it enriches one’s life and enhanced personal experiences in the world.

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