PTE Writing Essay: Discuss Both Sides Of Space Travel Versus Current Crucial Problems…

Write about the following topic:

Discuss both sides of space travel versus current crucial problems faced by the human?

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.


Many times people think why we are spending so much on space travel when we have so many problems here that need to be addressed now. Here in this essay, I am discussing both sides of space travel versus current crucial problems faced by the human.

Exploration, being an important survival strategy helps in evolution. The ever growing World’s population and the pressure to feed it may be forcing humans to look out for new food sources. The environmental changes, climate change, and other factors are causing humans to seek safe habitats. According to me, these might be the reasons why space travels interest so much to us.

Space travel is allowing us to explore outside earth surroundings and get a better insight into the world we are living in. By knowing our surrounding in minute details, scientists are trying to find a possible solution to current crucial problems faced by us. The advanced prediction of weather and natural disasters are major achievements of space exploration.

On the other hand spending so much on space travel seems wastage when people here on earth are in dire need of it. Natural resource depletion, global warming, ocean acidification and changing weather patterns require our immediate attention. The launch of a space shuttle is millions of dollar. For example, The MESSENGER mission costs $280 million. This huge expenditure done on space exploration programs can, in turn, be utilized to enrich lives here.

To conclude, sending people outside the planet may be the best way to persuade people to save planet earth. Money alone can’t resolve all our problems.


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