PTE Summarize Spoken Text Exercise – Australia’s Tourism Industry

In PTE Academic exam, summarize spoken text and retell lecture questions are often from the real lectures or speech interception. Many students find summarize spoken text and retell lecture sections to be most difficult. To help the students, the team at English2language have collected “Summarize Spoken Text” lectures close to PTE real exam topics. You will be provided with PTE practice audio and question transcript here. In the actual test, you will do 2- 3 summarize spoken text tasks.

Practice writing a “High Score” response for PTE summarize spoken text questions. We are continuously updating the questions, so stay tuned!

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PTE Academic Listening – Summarize Spoken Text

INSTRUCTIONS: Listen to the audio and write your summary in 50- 70 words in the comment box below. Finish this task in 10 minutes.


  • Use correct grammar, vocabulary, and tenses.
  • Make no spelling mistake.
  • Start the sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop.
  • As you listen, take notes of the main and supporting ideas.

PTE Summarize Spoken Text Exercise – Australia’s Tourism Industry




“In Australia, most tourism operators rely on some aspect of the natural environment. As an industry we can’t hide our heads in the sand and hope environmental problems will go away.

The natural environment is our bread-and-butter, we need it to make a living. The tourism industry is sensitive to negative publicity, so at times when we should raise our collective voice – loudly – we don’t.

Take, for example, the threats to the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef: a huge coal mine proposal that will clear-fell 28,000 hectares of native woodland, ship coal through the Great Barrier Reef, and spew enough carbon into the atmosphere every year to cancel out Australia’s entire carbon emission reduction scheme. All this at a time when the Great Barrier Reef is suffering the world’s biggest coral bleaching event on record. Coral bleaching due to climate change has affected 93% of the reef.

10 thoughts on “PTE Summarize Spoken Text Exercise – Australia’s Tourism Industry”

  1. Here the speaker is talking about the Australia’s tourism industry and according to her, the tourism industry is the bread and butter for this industry people. As this industry is very sensitive and prone to negative publicity, everyone should raise a collective voice to save the tourist spots from getting harmed by carbon emissions.

  2. The speaker is talking about importance of tourism. First, she highlights Australia’s tourism is mainly due to the countries natural environment.
    Then, she mentions tourism is the bread and butter for the country and is susceptible to negative publicity. She also highlights coral bleaching, which has affected 90% of the reefs, suggesting that the country should focus on carbon emission reduction and save world heritage the Great Barrier Reef.

  3. Hi Dear,
    please check my response.

    The speaker was discussing about Australia’s tourism industry. She mentions that natural environment is their bread and butter. She talks about the industry’s sensitivity to negative publicity. She describes the threats to the environment which shall affect the tourism industry eventually. She suggests to take collective action towards the problem.

  4. Australian Tourism industry is much definitely focused in this specific lecture, it comprises that these industries rely on the natural environment. In addition to putting more emphasis on tourism, it also denotes that tourism industry sensible to negative publicity. Considering the insights, it can be stated that the great barrier reef is suffering from coral bleaching due to the climate change.

  5. The tourism in Australia is focused in this specific lecture, and it comprises that natural environment is the bread and butter which is essential to make a living. In addition, there is a need to raise volume as tourism is sensitive to negative publicity. Finally, coral bleaching effect due to climate change affected the Great barrier reef which is an indication to the threats towards world’s heritage list.

  6. The lecturer explains that in Australia the natural environment is encountering problems which are affecting the tourism industry because of the negative publicity. For example, the Great Barrier Reef is suffering due to climate change and atmosphere carbon emission, the coral is bleaching and now 93% of the reef is affected but those issues.

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