PTE Summarize Spoken Text 1 – Student Loan – Real Exam Question

Guys, here is the latest PTE Summarize Spoken Text” topic appeared in the exam in June 2017. Here you will find PTE Academic real exam questions and topics.

Listen to the text and summarize spoken text. You should write 50-70 words. Then compare your summary against mine. You can also re-check with my notes and explanation.





I’m 43 years old and I owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. Oh sure, I knew the loans were piling up as I went through school. But with one loan coming from here, another from there, I had no idea of the rockslide that was building.

Fifteen years later, I still experience moments of sheer horror regarding my family’s financial situation. My monthly student loan payment is more than triple my car payment. OK, so without my college degree, I would not have been able to get my current job. For That I’m grateful; but at what cost?

My loans have been accruing at a rate of 10 percent, and now they have burgeoned to well, I’m an English major, you do the math. I don’t think they’ll ever get paid off. We’re in debt way past our eyeballs, and there’s no hope in sight.

I’m being kept in class — a financial class of graduates whose only hope for attending college meant borrowing money from the government. Because of our mounting credit card debt and monthly payments that far exceed our family’s income, my kids will also join the class of citizens who can’t rely on their parents for college support.

Do I wish I’d chosen another educational route? You bet. Perhaps trade school — I’ve thought that being a plumber might not be such a bad gig. But if your job aspirations require a four-year degree, take my advice and choose a college you can afford, both during and after graduation. Take a realistic look at your anticipated income, and factor in priorities that don’t carry a price — like the spouse and children you might want to have some day. I was overconfident that my student-loan debt would pale in comparison to the lucrative writing Career I’d enjoy after graduation. Now I’m paying for that decision — in more ways than I’d ever imagined.


• A 42-years-old speaker has applied for the student loan and still paying off the debt even after 15 years.
• Now her monthly payment for the student loan is more than triple of her car payment.
• The speaker is worried about the fund for her children’s higher education.
• She felt stressed for repaying the loan.



In this consultation, the concern of financial situation was raised by a 43-years-old woman is still unable to pay her debt after 15 years past. The loan is piling up and the debt exceeds her family income which limited the support of her children’s education. She advises taking a realistic look of our future incomes. The role of study loans in aggravating problems of student’s life is quite clear from the text.


The text begins with the 43- year-old speaker describing the own situation. The speaker bear student loans so after reading the first line, we are sure that the whole text will be based on student loans so mentioning the first sentence in the summary is highly likely. She continued describing her situation in which student loans continue to accumulate affecting the economic situation of her family. For the cost paid by her for the degree, she only sees endless loans. Her children can’t rely on their parents for college support. At the end, the speaker confessed about choosing another profession instead. She advises to not be too confident about the future income.

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