PTE Retell Lecture Topics – Real Exam Questions

These PTE retell lecture topics – real exam questions are the most repeated and recently appeared in PTE exam 2017. We are in continuous touch with students preparing and appearing for PTE exam in 2017. This list is based on their experience from the real test. You will find the heading below followed by some bulleted points regarding the topic as remembered by the students. There might be slight variation from the actual exam.

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PTE Retell Lecture Topics – Real Exam Questions

Coffee Industry


  • The lecture is about coffee industry in Vietnam.
  • Mentions some figures and data.
  • The US helped Vietnam to become the second largest coffee producer in the World.
  • Coffee production witnessed a 5 fold increase from 6 billion to 30 billion.
  • The output of central America is witnessing dramatic decrease.

Darkness Between Galaxies


  • Why is sky dark at night?
  • The reason is the finite universe, paradox, and finite in size and age (from the big bang).
  • Mentions a picture from Nasa, to further explain the darkness.
  • This picture is copyright free and is used by newspapers, magazines, media and on the Internet.
  • The darkness between galaxies is what every scientist is trying to find and is still remain mysterious to us.

Non-government Organizations


  • The non-profit sector is worth one trillion dollars.
  • 700,000 such organizations in Australia alone.
  • NGO as a predictor of governmental success.

Australia’s Changing Role


  • Australia has become a famous destination and export.
  • Because of the rise of Asian countries, especially China.
  • Japan is the no. 1 market, and China is no. 2.
  • In future, China will overtake Japan and become NO.1 as the largest export country.



  • How to describe a position.
  • Only longitude is needed to describe a position on the equator, whereas longitude and latitude are required for
  • The second dimension, on the earth.
  • Require longitude, latitude, and altitude for the third dimension, over the earth.
  • The 4th parameter takes the time into account along with all 3 previous variables.

Welsh Language


  • Gives some figures of people who can speak and understand Welsh.
  • Welsh is a language of Welsh and other western countries
  • In the end, the number of people speaking this language has decreased.

Brain Development


  • Different brain regions develop functions at different age.
  • Some functions like sensory functions begin at the embryo phase.
  • High development, such as cognitive took a long period of time to develop.
  • Childhood development has a great impact on the adult brain.

Student’s Performance in Maths and English


  • This lecture compares boys and girls performance in English and Mathematics.
  • Girls outperform boys in English while in maths, there is no real difference.
  • From the 3 contributing factors, biological factors and social factors are closely linked.
  • The third factor is pre-school factors.

Licking and Grooming (LG): High LG and Low LG


  • The lecture describes importance of LG i.e. Licking and Grooming
  • An experiment shows mother rats who spend a lot of time licking and grooming their pups tend to grow up to be calm adults.
  • Low LG is related with low ability to deal with stress and alcohol.

Low Child Birth Rate


  • More and more western women do not want to have children.
  • The decreasing birth rate trend makes it the lowest birth rate in human history.
  • Low child birth rate directly relates to several factors, one being employment rate.

Bomb Calorimeter


  • There is a chemical reaction in the food chamber between the food and the oxygen.
  • Like bomb calorimeter, the human body breaks down the food to give off the energy.
  • Human digest system cannot absorb full energy, so bomb calorimeter cannot measure as same as the actually absorbed.

Napoleon III: Renovation of Paris


  • Napoleon 3 instructed Haussmann, to bring air and light to the center of the city.
  • Build roads, parks, squares, plant more trees, made the city cleaner and more beautiful.
  • The avenue de l’Opera, created by Haussmann painted by Camille Pissarro
  • The reasons for the renovation are that the old Paris was overcrowded, dark, dangerous, and unhealthy.

Thermodynamic Theory


  • The law of thermodynamic is constant and statistical.
  • Temperature is the average kinetic energy of a given object.
  • Thermal energy is the total of all kinetic energies within a given system.
  • Heat flows from an object at the higher temperature to object at the lower temperature.
  • Flows from warmer areas to cooler areas.

Marshmallow Experiment


  • The lecture is about marshmallow experiment.
  • Based on the bonus of one more marshmallow for not eating marshmallow within 15 mins.
  • The children under 4 years old eat it within 15 mins.
  • The elder children can resist for a longer time.
  • Self-control ability correlated with higher competency later in life



  • The lecture talked about globalization.
  • Integrated economics strategy /organization integration.
  • Different countries consume or produce different goods, so countries would depend on the economy of other countries.

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