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Nowadays, the mass media including TV, radio, and newspaper have become the essential part of our lives.
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Some people are of the view that TV, radio, and newspaper have become the essential part of our lives. Though there are some people who reject this notion and argue. In recent years, the mass media has a great impact on people’s view and opinions that are already established. The substantial influence of the mass media has sparked debate over the internet. In my opinion, mass media including e-mail and blogs influence public in more of negative way. This essay will further present this view and thus will lead to a logical conclusion.

There are myriad of points to explain the influence of mass media on our lives and the most preponderant is shaping the general public views on various news agendas. Mass media is often used by agencies and media houses to convince their audience through advertisements, discussions, news or shows. It takes the advantage of vulnerability of their target audience and convinces them to act in a certain way.

TV shows and movies based on social issues mislead its viewers and public from the real picture. Such programs share thoughts with an opinionated perspective which in turn provoke criticism. It influences people’s opinion in both positive and negative ways. The young people spend an average of 4 to 5 hours in front of screens of their laptops, smartphones, and TV. Sometimes they are feed with unwanted information, disturbing images of violence and other related issues causing extreme pressure on young minds. This lead to youngsters to do misbehavior or sometimes go against the law.

According to the argument aforementioned above, the mass media have become the essential part and its influence on our lives is ever growing and getting stronger as time passes.

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