PTE Essay – Which Society Is Better To Live – Single or Multi-Cultural Society?


PTE Essay Topic: Which society is better to live – a multi-cultural society or a single cultural society?

OR Advantages and disadvantages of multicultural society.

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PTE Essay – Which Society Is Better To Live – Single or Multi-Cultural Society?

Today, we are living in a society which is comprised of different ethnicity and cultures. It is undeniable that world is becoming a global village. Due to highly developed technology and advanced communication channels, people are moving and settling freely anywhere which gives birth to multi-ethnic society. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. In my view, multi-cultural society have greater influence over single-cultural society.

Some people believe that multicultural society is better to live. Firstly, in a multicultural society there is diversity of cultures so we come to know about different customs, rituals, beliefs and ideas of different cultures. Secondly, it increases the sense of brotherhood which brings out social harmony in the society. It not only makes us tolerant, but, it also teaches us to respect different cultures. Living in multi-cultural society erases the difference between superiority and inferiority complex and in multi-cultural society people celebrate different occasions together.

On the flip side, others are of the view that single-cultural society is better to live. They think this because, firstly, in a single-cultural society there is a peaceful environment and there are less disputes. People in single cultural society share common beliefs and ideas. They believe that the multi-cultural society gives rise to serious problems like inter-caste marriages which leads to riots and social unrest in the society.

It can be concluded that both multi-cultural and single-cultural have their own advantages and disadvantages, but, after studying both the concepts, according to me living in a multicultural society is better than living in a single cultural society because people contribute in the development of the nation.

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