PTE Essay: The Proportion Of The Crimes Committed By Youngsters Is On The Rise. Discuss Causes To This Problem And Suggest Solutions.


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The Proportion Of The Crimes Committed By Youngsters Is On The Rise. Discuss Causes To This Problem And Suggest Solutions.

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The statistics have pointed out that the proportion of the crimes committed by youngsters have been increasing at an alarming rate around the globe. This phenomenon is so-called juvenile delinquency has become a topical issue. It is a matter of concern worldwide so invites intense debate as what causes this problem and its possible solutions.  Alongside discussing its substantial factors, I will further outline appropriate measure to cope with it in this essay.

There are numerous factors that can influence participation of youth in committing crimes including minors in illegal behavior and criminal tendencies in a modern society. As far as I can tell, first and foremost is the influence of family over youth. An inattentive upbringing or getting an environment of family violence and indifference with a lack of parental or guardian care, the child is more likely to become criminal, drug addict, or alcoholic. In such cases, parents are required to pay close heed to their children’s behavior and limit their time over the internet or video games. It will prevent them from being exposed to violence.

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In order to climb up the career ladder, parents work 20 hours a day and don’t have time to communicate with their children. No matter how strange it may sound but it affects their mind negatively, making them weak, irresponsible, and asocial. They start treating outside world with indifference and resolve to crime. A good upbringing, frequent communication is as important as food, clothes, and an education for a child.

In last, many studies pointed out that 95% of seasoned criminals didn’t get proper attention, love, and care from their parents in their childhood. No doubt, the crimes committed by youngsters is on the rise, however, above mentioned steps can assist to mitigate the damaging impacts.

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