PTE Essay: Many People Prefer To Watch Foreign Films Rather Than Locally Produced Films….


Write about the following PTE Essay topic in 200-300 words. Complete the task in 20 minutes.

Essay Topic:

Many People Prefer To Watch Foreign Films Rather Than Locally Produced Films. Why Could This Be? Should Governments Give More Financial Support To Local Film Industries?


• Overview

Paraphrase: It is a fact that in many countries, people prefer to watch foreign films rather than the local ones.
Linking sentence: There could be several reasons why this is the case and the following essay will discuss them and how governments should react in details.

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• Body 1 – CAUSES

Topic sentence: There are various reasons why many people prefer to watch foreign films than the local produced ones.
Why: Firstly, people believe that overseas films have huge budgets for actions and higher quality for special effects, audio and spectacular locations.
Example: Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Spiderman’ is one such example and its global appeal is undeniable.
Why: Secondly, the presence of the most accomplished producers, directors and famous actors and actresses in these films attract global audience.
Counter: The poor quality of local actors and actresses, low-budget filmmaking in many countries suffers in comparison.

• Body 2 – SOLUTIONS

Topic sentence: In my view, governments should act as a mediator between the local and overseas producers and support local film industry financially.
Why: The local film industry need huge money to compete with big-budget productions from overseas.
Result: It is believed that these things would give a surge in employment, income from film sales and thereby produce positive effects to the local film industry.
Example: New Zealand, for example, has seen an increase in arrivals since ‘Lord of the Rings’ films which were partly funded by government subsidizes.

• Conclusion

In conclusion, I believe that governments should promote local film-making by subsidizing the industry, supporting actors and actresses to study acting overseas and by cooperating with foreign film producers.

One thought on “PTE Essay: Many People Prefer To Watch Foreign Films Rather Than Locally Produced Films….”

  1. Could you please comment on this ?

    As the globalization emerges and the technology evolves, foreign language movies are being released in many countries which results in attracting more people to prefer these Movies over their language movies. Nowadays we could evidence that volunteers are raising voice that this could affect the local languages and the industries depend on it. In this essay we shall discuss about the reason for this and role of government to provide necessary support to promote local languages.

    A huge investment on a movie production enables the technicians to create a high quality movie which would apparently attract more audiences and also puts pressure on the production team to capture the worldwide market for its release. For instance, an English movie called “Avatar” had been produced with a huge cost but with a stunning quality of story, screenplay and graphics due to which it had an outnumbered box office opening and a record breaking collection.

    On the other hand, this makes a downslide for the local language based cinema industry. Since the movies on the native language only can represent the culture of their own society, just beyond the entertainment, Government should take necessary actions to promote such native movies. This can possibly achieved by offering the funds, enable subsidies, provide tax exemptions and set few regulations for foreign movies. For instance, one of the state in India has set a rule to reduce the price of the local language movies.

    This essay discussed about the necessity of involvement of government to promote the local language based movies. In conclusion, regimes must take care of the local cine making industry for the preservation of the culture.

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