PTE Describe Image New Questions Type 2018-19


Here are the latest 2018-19 PTE Describe Image questions with sample answers to practice for your PTE Exam. I hope it will help you score a better score in PTE Speaking section.

In “Describe Image” section, you might get six to seven images for describing that can include: pie charts, bar charts, line charts, image with different charts, describe image maps, pictures, tables, processes. In the end of the post, you will get some tips to improve your pte speaking describe image section score for your PTE Exam.

PTE Describe Image #1


These images compare what Fleet Street looked like in the past compared to the present day. The picture depicting past shows a busy scene with people wearing suit and hat with the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral towering in the background. While in the present picture, St Paul’s Cathedral towering remains standing but the rest of the street has changed. The area around the cathedral wore a deserted look. In conclusion, the Fleet Street was heavily damaged during The Blitz during World War Two.

PTE Describe Image #2


This map shows the habitat distribution in the form of historical, current and potential habitat for rhinoceroses in India and several other neighboring countries. Once abundant across the vast landmass from Pakistan, through northern India to the eastern end of Bhutan, the Rhinoceros unicornis was pushed to the brink of extinction.

From their original wide ranging habitats, the rhinoceros is now confined to a small range — Kaziranga, Manas, Orang and Dudhwa national parks and the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in India; the Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan; and the Chitwan and Bardiya national parks, as well as the Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve in Nepal.

PTE Describe Image #3


The image shows information about the right and the wrong way to type on the keyboard. As it is seen in the image, the right way to type is to have a support below your hand so that the axis passing through your wrist is parallel to the table. Your hands should be placed in a comfortable and relaxed manner above the home row keys. On the other hand most people use the incorrect position of their hand while typing. Thus four images are shown which all indicates the incorrect positions.

PTE Describe Image #4



This graphic shows how the mechanics of total solar eclipse work. When the moon does eclipse the sun, it produces two types of shadows on earth. The umbral shadow is the relatively small in diameter point on Earth where an observer would see a total eclipse. The penumbral shadow is the much larger area on Earth where an observer will see a partial eclipse. Here, the sun is not completely covered by the moon. In conclusion, we can say that this picture gives information of total solar eclipse.

PTE Describe Image Top Tips:

  • Break down the content of the image into 3 parts viz: introduction, body and conclusion
  • Include some interesting facts or similarities or differences in the body
  • Must include conclusion (it can a prediction, reason or a summary)
  • Speak for atleast 30-35 seconds
  • Remain calm and keep your pitch steady
  • Practice a lot with latest questions for increasing your confidence

So, above are the ALL NEW & LATEST PTE Describe Image questions with model answers by English 2 Language Team. Don’t waste time, start practicing latest PTE Exam Questions to success in PTE.


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