PTE Academic Speaking: Describe Image Best ‘Tips’ & ‘Strategies’

In this post, you will get the PTE Speaking: BEST “Describe Image” tips and strategies by using which you get the scores you need in one attempt.

After talking to many students preparing for PTE Academic exam, we came to know that most of the students find describing the image a bit difficult but the students who have scored 69+ in PTE exam find it the easiest and one of the most scoring parts in the actual exam. So after talking to ‘top PTE scorers’, we have found out the common areas where exam takers commit mistakes and have compiled best tips, strategies, and describe image templates for the students who want to score 69+ in PTE Academic exam.

In the PTE exam, students are provided with an image and have 25 seconds to study it. The students have to speak for 40 seconds containing all the relevant information from the given image. The most common and repetitive mistake that students make is that they get nervous and don’t able to speak enough information in the given time. So here are the best tips that hep students to get high marks in PTE Speaking: describe image section.

PTE Speaking Describe Image Tips & Strategies

  • Don’t Get Nervous: Many students get too nervous while giving the actual exam and due to this nervousness, you speak imperfectly. It makes you sound unready and hesitant so try not to get nervous and speak fluent English.
  • Word Stress: To communicate clearly in English, it is important to stress correct syllable. One of its best practice is to listen to native English speakers & understand where they put emphasis in words.
  • Read Aloud: Repeat the sentences in a clear and read aloud manner after reading the newspapers or listening to news channels.
  • Devote Time: Initially, when you start preparing for PTE exam, it requires hope and ability to learning so devote deep time. Becoming good at English requires time, practice and strong will to succeed.
  • Record, Listen & Re-record: The speaking section of PTE Academic exam requires you to practice by recording, listening and re-recording. After you record yourself, listen and try to find out your flaws and re-record after you improve yourself.

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Best PTE Describe Image Template

Firstly, you need to understand the format of ‘Describe Image’ questions.  The questions mainly come in following types:-

  • Graphs: Line graph, Bar graph
  • Charts: table chart/chart
  • Map
  • Diagram
  • Process/Flow Chart

Use the following template to get 65+ or 79+ in PTE Speaking section. This format boosts your oral fluency.

Introduction + (Background Information – 2 points) + Conclusion

Introduction: The line /bar graph/ pie chart- depicts/clearly states/illustrates / shows/ reveals about/compares
The process/flow cycle- is about

Background Information: It is clear from the line /bar graph/ pie chart
It is evident from the diagram/map
The process/flow cycle- starts/commence/begin with (first stage)
The process will continue

Conslusion: Overall/to conclude/in a nutshell

For Example:

Have a look at the given below example to illustrate the use of this template.



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