PTE Academic Reorder Paragraphs Practice Part 2 With Explanation

The central idea of reordering paragraphs in PTE Academic exam is to link the fragments in the jumbled paragraph to make the most logical order of sentences. The students are required to understand the idea and action and look for clues in the sentences.

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[1]. The paragraphs have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order.

A. It led to the driver losing control of the moving vehicle, which was eventually parked safely.
B. The ‘Internet Of Things’ (IoT) has been the topic of discussion for over two years now, and major corporations are already taking steps in developing technology for it.
C. In a connected world, where alarm clocks can measure the depth of sleep, beds can gauge the health of your heart, and lamps automatically adjust to your moods, everything is linked to the Internet.
D. But has security of these devices evolved with them?
E. In 2015, a group of hackers demonstrated how a Jeep Cherokee can be hacked while on the move, just by using a phone network.

[expand title=”ANSWER & EXPLANATION“]CBDEA is the most logical sequence of above given sentences. Sentence C gives the relevant information to start the paragraph. “IoT” mentioned in B relates to the activities or devices outlined in C. ‘But’ in D is used to contrast the idea of ‘IoT devices’ mentioned in B so is the next logical statement after B. E outlines an example supporting the argument raised in sentence D. The effect of the activity described in E is further explained in A making sentence A to be the concluding line.[/expand]

[2]. The paragraphs have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order.

A. The findings, described in a paper published Aug. 11 on, reveal that HD 87646 is the first close binary system with more than one substellar circum-primary companion known to date.
B. The system has a separation of only 22 AU between the two stars.
C. The primary star in the system, HD 87646A, is about 12 percent more massive than the sun and has a radius of about 1.55 solar radii.
D. HD 87646, located around 240 light years away, is a bright G-type star with a fainter K-type stellar companion.
E. An international team of astronomers reports the discovery of a giant planet and a brown dwarf in a close binary system designated HD 87646.

[expand title=”ANSWER & EXPLANATION“]EADCB is the correct sequence of sentences. Sentence E introduces the reader with the recent finding by the team of astronomers so E fills the 1st text box aptly. Sentence A details the actual finding which the report talks about in E so A is the next logical statement that follows E. Sentence D gives the detail about ‘HD 87646’ mentioned in A. C further extends the description of the star mentioned in D.[/expand]

[3]. The paragraphs have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order.

A. There are still problems that cannot be resolved by the theory, such as dark energy.
B. Despite Einstein’s correct predictions, his theory of relativity does not answer all the questions of the universe.
C. Physicists and astronomers across the world are focusing their efforts on finding out what this ‘something’ is.
D. Dark energy is a phrase used by physicists to describe a mysterious ‘something’ that is causing the universe to accelerate.

[expand title=”ANSWER & EXPLANATION“]BADC is the correct occurrence of the sentences. ‘Despite’ in sentence B shows contempt in Einstein’s theory and is clearly the opening statement as all other sentences follow the idea described in B. The example in A relates to ‘all the questions’ mentioned in B. Sentence D illustrates the example given in A so D follows A. ‘This’ in C relates to ‘something’ mentioned in D.[/expand]

[4]. The paragraphs have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order.

A. In the same way the ball would warp the sheet, a planet bends the fabric of spacetime ultimately creating the force we feel as gravity.
B. The ripples can be produced when black holes orbit each other or by the merging of galaxies, black holes and neutron stars, for example.
C. Einstein predicted that if two massive bodies came together it would create such a huge ripple in spacetime that it should be detectable on Earth.
D. At its simplest, spacetime can be thought of as a giant rubber sheet with a bowling ball in the centre.
E. Any object that comes near to the body falls towards it because of this effect.

[expand title=”ANSWER & EXPLANATION“]DAECB is the correct sequence. The phrase D contains ‘at its simplest’ which is used to convey the fact and provides the required information to start the paragraph. So D fills the 1st text box. ‘In the same way’ in sentence A introduces the same concept that has already been mentioned in A so logically A follows D. ‘This’ in the phrase E relates to ‘the force’ outlined in A so E fills the 3rd text box. The example talked about in B follows the Einstein prediction mentioned in C so CB forms a logical pair that should come after DAE.[/expand]

[5]. The paragraphs have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order.

A. Private schools are managed by a non-government organisation, such as a church, a trade union or a private institution.
B. Government-dependent private schools are managed independently but receive more than 50% of their core funding from government agencies.
C. But less than 50% of their core funding comes from government agencies.
D. Private schools can be either government-dependent or independent of the government.
E. Private schools that are independent of the government are similarly managed.

[expand title=”ANSWER & EXPLANATION“]ADBEC is the right occurrence of sentences. Sentence A gives the introductory information about ‘Private schools’ so A fills the 1st text box. Sentence D further explain the topic that has already been described in A. So D follows A. Sentence B expands one type of private schools outlined in D and E expands another type so B and E follow D in the order of BE. ‘But’ in sentence C presents the contrasting idea that has already been mentioned in E.[/expand]

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  1. Hi, I am really struggling to manage reordering paragraphs. For instance to my logic in the question 4 the sentence C should be the first sentence. Could you please guide me as to why it is not the first sentence. Thank you

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