PTE Academic Real Exam Questions – 13 July 2017

Recent PTE Academic Examination held in Perth, Australia: These are PTE Academic real exam questions and topics as shared by one of our students who have taken the PTE examination on 13th July 2017. If you have taken the test recently, you can share your memory here in the comment box. Now look at the questions and topics that he received in his exam below:

PTE Speaking:

Describe Image Topic 2017:

  1. Tech village – 2 bedroom apartment floor plan
  2. The bar chart and pie chart describing percentage by broad age group, of the UK population for 1911, 2001 and 2011.


Retell Lecture Topic 2017:

Brain Development:

  • This lecture describe the basics of brain development.
  • The speaker mentions in the lecture that brain functions were formed at the different stage of one’s life.
  • Some were formed like sense and touch at embryo phase while cognitive ability takes the longer period.
  • At the end, speaker emphasizes childhood development has great impact on adult brain in terms of sensory pathway, language, and higher cognitive function

Largest City in Australia:

Australia’s location is important for the world’s export, and its international trade is also important. Since Australia has a broad territory, all towns are scattered around. There is a huge expense for transportation for trains and ferries. The government also pays large amount for its telecommunication to build up the connection among regions. The Australian people are mainly living in five cities, and they are Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. The most special one is Perth, which is one of the most isolated city in the world.

However, this does not affect its state to be the largest city in Australia. Most large companies, like the two leading company, Telstra and Qantas, they are all based in Perth.

PTE Writing:

Summarize Written Text Topic 2017:

Beauty Contest:

It was related with beauty pageants like Miss Universe or Miss Teen. Do we really need to judge women from her beauty or should we judge by her nature? Australia’s stand on these beauty pageants.

Essay Topic 2017:

It is said that the mass media including TV, radio and newspaper affect our society and shape our opinion. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

PTE Listening:

Summarize Spoken Text Topic 2017:

War of Talent:

  • Nowadays world is experiencing short of talent.
  • Big companies and countries are in search for talented people.
  • Some young immigrants after graduation, compete with local students.
  • The world has put the talents at the primary position.

Write From Dictation Topic 2017:

  • Rising in inflation will increase the demand, price and the consuming of products.
  • Economic policy.

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