In PTE exam, there is a section of “Summarize Written Text” in Writing module. There are 2-3 questions which must be completed in 10 minutes. The students are required to give answer in only one sentence containing 5 to 75 words max. More and more practice with practice questions makes this difficult task easy to score.

PTE Writing: Summarize Written Text Practice Questions:

To ace PTE Academic final test, practice with atleast 10-20 summarize practice questions. So to help students excel in PTE Academic Exam, here are some ‘summarize written text’ sample questions.

Give Your Response Using Compound & Complex Sentences

The best practice is to give your response using complex and compound sentences and cover the main point and supporting point in it briefly. Avoid spelling mistakes, use correct tense and pronunciation and don’t give any example or illustration. Summarize each paragraph separately and combine them into single sentence later on.

Word Limit & Time Management

Your response must be expressed in about 30 words, don’t exceed the maximum limit of 75 words. You will not get any marks for the response less than 5 words and more than 75 words so keep track of words word counter. Capitalize the starting word and use only one full stop at the end. Give 2 minute at the end to check for mistakes and to re-access your resposne.

Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Write your response in the box at the bottom of the page. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.


The coffee industry has grown rapidly since the 1990s; before Starbucks emerged, people were used to drinking low quality coffee from tins. Starbucks introduced fresh coffee made from top quality beans that have excellent taste and drinks such as the caffe latte and cappuccino, which have helped to fuel the development of the coffee market into a multi million pound industry. The size of UK branded coffee chains have quadrupled from 1999 to 2004, with a current market turnover of over £1 billion.

The coffee market is forecast for continued growth and expansion, without threat of saturation in the near future. In 2004 the coffee market was estimated at having around 2,299 outlet units and it 2006 it is predicted that the number of units will have increased to an estimated 2,965, with the growth of the branded coffee sector predicted to increase by 11% between 2004 and 2006. Indeed, branded chain outlets have accounted for most of the coffee market growth according to forecasts by industry analysts Allegra Strategies. Allegra claims that although there are more independents than branded coffee chains, in 2005 and 2006 it is expected that more branded than independent chains will be opening. Indeed, some independents such as Bewley’s in London, have had to close down.

[expand title=”SAMPLE SUMMARY”]The industry analysts Allegra Strategies forecasts more branded chains to come up in 2005 and 2006 like Starbucks which fueled demand for coffee whose market is expected to show a growth of 11% between 2004 and 2006.[/expand]


The identification of femininity with morality and a belief in the innate moral superiority of women were fundamental to the cult of female domesticity in the nineteenth-century United States. Ironically, this ideology of female benevolence empowered women in the realm of social activism, enabling them to escape the confines of their traditional domestic spheres and to enter prisons, hospitals, battlefields, and slums. By following this path, some women came to wield considerable authority in the distribution of resources and services in their communities.

The sentimentalized concept of female benevolence bore little resemblance to women’s actual work, which was decidedly unsentimental and businesslike, in that it involved chartering societies, raising money, and paying salaries. Moreover, in the face of legal limitations on their right to control money and property, women had to find ingenious legal ways to run and finance organized philanthropy. In contrast to the day-to-day reality of this work, the idealized image of female benevolence lent a sentimental and gracious aura of altruism to the very real authority and privilege that some women commanded–which explains why some women activists clung tenaciously to this ideology. But clinging to this ideology also prevented these women from even attempting to gain true political power because it implied a moral purity that precluded participation in the messy world of partisan politics.

[expand title=”SAMPLE SUMMARY”]The ideology of female benevolence empowered women in the realm of social activism but placed limits on their direct political power.[/expand]


Often we think of space as a big empty vacuum, but you can also think of it as a space-time – a four- dimensional fabric with both length, breadth, height and time, that pervades the universe. According to the ideas of Isaac Newton, if something happens somewhere in space – say something explodes or two stars merge together – then instantly we would know that the gravitational field has changed. We have what we would call ‘instantaneous action at a distance.’ But then along came Einstein, and he said that information cannot travel faster than the speed of light: one of the outcomes of the general theory of relativity, which is a hundred years old this year, is that there has to be something to carry the information of gravity. When you do the mathematics, this seems to have a wave-like nature, and these are what we call gravitational waves – they’re essentially carrying the information of gravity throughout the universe.

When we think of waves in water moving up and down, that’s a ‘dipoles’ wave, but gravity’s a bit more complex – its waves are ‘quadrupoles’. One way of thinking about that is to imagine a ring – in one half of the wave cycle it gets taller and thinner, and in the second half-cycle it gets shorter and fatter. There’s a continuous stretching and squeezing as it travels through space, which in turn changes the fabric of space-time itself.


Employee diversity is a good thing for companies. Several studies show that diverse and inclusive companies have better financial performance than those that aren’t, yet headlines today point to the diversity gap that persists across industries. A Bersin by Deloitte study highlighted this gap when it reported that 70% of the diversity and inclusion leaders surveyed said their organizations portrayed themselves as inclusive yet only 11% of them indicated they truly were.

The missing link between having diversity as a policy and implementing it in practice is the human element. In order to cultivate true inclusion, a company must shape its cultural mindset, one employee at a time. Policies don’t create inclusion, people do. Therefore, it’s crucial for organizations to be committed to listening to and understanding their employees, training and rewarding model behavior, promoting camaraderie, and leading by example. By focusing on their employees as individuals, companies will be able to create true inclusion.


Taxation has been receiving welcome policy attention. The tax mix remains tilted towards direct taxes, especially on corporates, that can hurt growth. Measures addressing this issue form part of the tax reforms that are a central theme of the current government’s economic policy. Detailed measures were outlined in the 2016-17 Budget proposals, the elements of most structural significance are:
● Corporate income tax rate cuts (as part of the “Ten Year Enterprise Tax Plan”), initially for small businesses with eventual extension to all businesses. Australia’s standard rate of corporate tax is 30%, which is high in international comparison. Proposals also include an increased tax discount for unincorporated small business.
● Further measures to combat corporate tax avoidance, including the establishment of a tax avoidance taskforce.
● A superannuation reform package, comprising reduced tax concessions for high-income earners and more generous tax treatment for low income earners.
However, the tax system could be improved in some respects:
● There has been no progress on a major tax reform that makes greater use of value added tax (the Goods and Services Tax, GST) and little progress in land-tax reform, both moves long recommended in OECD Surveys and discussed widely in Australia. As GST revenues are currently passed to the states, such reform would require some
reshaping of federal-state financial arrangements. To the extent the Australian GST is less progressive compared to the personal-income taxes, reform would also need to address poverty and income distribution issues, perhaps by adjusting welfare policies.

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  1. For passage 3: The idea of Isaac Newton that there will be an automatic action at a distance was contradicted by Einstein that any information should be carried by gravity before it can be passed to anyone or anything which we call the theory of relativity.

  2. For passage 4: Having connection with the employees through listening, understanding, appreciation and better relationship with them is relevant to create diversity in an organization.

  3. paragraph no#4

    According to several studies that diverse and inclusive companies have better financial performance then others and by focusing on their employees as individuals ,companies will be able to create true inclusion.

  4. Passage 4
    Employee diversity is a core component of an organization for its outstanding progress and development by building better relationship with them and focusing on individuality with add of rewards to them to fill the diversity gap of company .

  5. Passage 5
    The certain measures to bring about an improvement in taxation system outlined in 2016-17 Budget purposals include corporate income tax rate cuts with establishment of a tax avoidance taxforce as well as reshaping of federal-state financial arrangements..

  6. Netwton’s theory was contradicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which states that gravitational waves carry the information about a gravity through the universe in ‘quadrupoles’ wave, creating the fabric of space-time.

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