PTE Summarize Written Text Best Tips, Strategies & Templates: In ‘Summarize Written Text’ questions in PTE Academic exam you need to retell the text, containing author’s main ideas and important details in a one-sentence summary. This type of questions assesses student’s reading and writing skills. To ace this task, it’s important to practice key skills – such as vocabulary and writing essays.

Read to ace this ‘Summarize Written Text’ section and aptly summarize the given passage. You need to read the text attentively and note down the main ideas and its supporting ideas. So “How To Effectively Summarize Written Text?” Read below best tips and strategies:

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Best PTE Summarize Written Text ‘Tips’ & ‘Strategies’:

  • Read & Re-read: Read the text attentively. Often you will feel the need to re-read the paragraph more than one time. Go for it and re-read the text closely.
  • Make An Outline: Identify the main idea of the paragraph and its supporting details. Note down or make an outline of these ideas in your own words.
  • Write a Summary: Using the list that you have made above, write a summary of the paragraph in your words. Firstly state the main ideas followed by supporting points.
  • Connect The Sentences: Using connectors, reduce your summary to just one sentence.
  • Read Aloud & Correct: Read the summary aloud and identify mistakes (if any). If you find one then correct the same.
  • Practice: Practice many example questions and practice test sessions before appearing for the actual exam.

One Sentence Summary Templates – PTE Academic Exam

Use below-given templates to summarize the author’s main idea and supporting points in one sentence:

Template A:

For Description: A ………. is a kind of ………. that ……….

Template B:

For Sequence: ………. begins with, continues with ………. and ends with ……….

Template C:

For Compare/Contrast: ………. and ………. are similar in that both ………., but ………. while ……….

Template D:

For Cause/Effect: ………. causes ……….

Template E:

For Problem/Solution: ………. wanted ………. but ………. so ……….

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PTE Summarize Written Text Example:

Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. You have 10 minutes to finish this task.


There are times when the night sky glows with bands of color. The bands may begin as cloud shapes and then spread into a great arc across the entire sky. They may fall in folds like a curtain drawn across the heavens. The lights usually grow brighter, then suddenly dim. During this time the sky glows with pale yellow, pink, green, violet, blue, and red. These lights are called the Aurora Borealis. Some people call them the Northern Lights. Scientists have been watching them for hundreds of years. They are not quite sure what causes them. In ancient times people were afraid of the Lights. They imagined that they saw fiery dragons in the sky. Some even concluded that the heavens were on fire.


Ancient people thought Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights were the dragons on fire which is actually bands of color in the night sky, and even modern scientists are not sure what they are.

How To Solve PTE Summarize Written Text

Steps in Summarizing: PTE Summarize Written Text

  1. Read the text carefully. Before you begin to write, make sure you understand what the paragraph is all about.
  2. Make a list of the most important information in the first paragraph, including the topic sentence.  Usually, the first sentence is the topic sentence.
  3. Try to rewrite all of the important information in the paragraph.
  4. Keep in mind to not include your own opinion or change the author’s meaning.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each subsequent paragraph, keeping them in the same order in which the information appears in the reading selection.
  6. Copy your summary sentences into a paragraph. By using connectors, reduce your summary to just one sentence.
  7. Read your summary. Can someone who has not read the text understand the main points? A scoring summary is no fewer than 5 or more than 75 words.

Below is an example of “How To Solve PTE Summarize Written Text”:


  • In the first paragraph of this article, the first sentence is the topic sentence. It indicates this is the center of the conflict between Tradition and commerce, followed by Trinidad’s carnival as an example.
  • In the second paragraph, the main idea is the continuation of the example of the first paragraph. After the coarse scan, we can still find in the third paragraph of the discussion around this case. Therefore, in such a case, we can not use this ‘example’ as additional ingredients. Our summary of this information must include key ‘example’ spoken detail.
  • Back to the second paragraph, we find the specific details. Some people saw the benefits of the carnival on the commercialization of the economic. While others stressed that imports from China in carnival costume impact on traditional handicrafts.
  • Look at the third paragraph: further summed up the views of two groups of people, and gives the common consent of the two. The country needs to make better use of the skills of the people in the Carnival business and that the country’s resources must appeal to a wider market.

Formation Of Summary:

So after review the main contents of all the 3 texts, we can write the summary:

In Trinidad, traditionalists think their Carnival is being destroyed by commerce, while others believe that opening the event up to foreign business will bring tourists and income to the country, yet both of them agree that the country needs to make better use of the skills of the people in the Carnival business and that the country’s resources must appeal to a wider market.

IMPORTANT: A good summary of the text includes all relevant aspects and is written in one, single, complete sentence.

PTE Academic Preparation: Summarize Written Text #1 (With Sample Summary)

Instruction(s): Read and summarize written text in your words.

Most sea creatures, from whales and dolphins to fish, sharks, shrimps and possibly even anemones respond to sound, and many can produce it. They use it to hunt and to hide, find mates and food, form and guide shoals, navigate ‘blind’, send messages and transmit warnings, establish territories, warn off competitors, stun prey, deceive predators, and sense changes in water and conditions.

Marine animals click bones and grind teeth; use drum-tight bladders and special sonic organs to chirp, grunt, and boom; belch gases, and vibrate special organs. Far from the ‘silent deep’, the oceans are a raucous babel. Into this age-long tumult, in the blink of an evolutionary eye, has entered a new thunder: the throb of mighty engine ass 46,220 large vessels plow the world’s shipping lanes. Scientists say that background noise in the ocean has increased roughly by 15 decibels in the past 50 years. It may not sound like much in overall terms; but it is enough, according to many marine biologists, to mask the normal sounds of ocean life going about its business.

At its most intense, some even say noise causes whales to become disoriented, dolphins to develop ‘the bends’, fish to go deaf, flee their breeding grounds or fail to form shoals — enough to disrupt the basic biology of two-thirds of the planet. ‘Undersea noise pollution is like the death of a thousand cuts’, says Sylvia Earle, chief scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. ‘Each sound in itself may not be a matter of critical concern, but taken all together, the noise from shipping, seismic surveys, and military activity is creating a totally different environment than existed even 50 years ago. That high level of noise is bound to have a hard, sweeping impact on life in the sea.’

[expand title =”SAMPLE SUMMARY”]Many ocean creatures are dependent on underwater sound to live and breed, but in the last 50 years, noises made by human activity have increased background ocean noise levels by about 15 decibels, which may have a very negative and disruptive effect on sea life and may lead to extinction.[/expand]

PTE Academic Preparation: Summarize Written Text #2 (With Sample Summary)

Instruction(s): Read and summarize written text in your words.

The hottest part of a chilli is not the seeds, as many people think, but the white flesh that houses the seeds, known as the placenta. But why did chillies evolve to be hot in the first place? Most scientists believe capsaicin acts mainly as a deterrent against would-be mammal predators such as rodents. “If a mammal eats a chilli, the seeds are completely destroyed by the mammalian digestive system,” says Mark.

But recent research suggests this may not be the whole story. US scientists working in Bolivia have studied how hot and mild chillies differ in their susceptibility to a certain harmful fungus. It turns out that the hotter the chilli, the better its defenses against the fungus, leading the researchers to propose that heat may have evolved to help chillies deal with harmful microbes, as well as hungry mammals.

Birds, unlike mammals, are not bothered by capsaicin, and their digestive systems actually encourage chilli seeds to germinate. So when birds fly away and spread their droppings, they help the parent plant to disperse its seeds.

[expand title=”SAMPLE SUMMARY”]Scientists have found the capsaicin in the chillies which are responsible for its heat and most scientists believe it also deters from rodents, however, recent research suggests that it protects from fungus and harmful microbes. [/expand]

Most Repeated PTE Summarize Written Text Questions [+Summary]

  1. Wine Prohibition
    Summary: The US Constitution and Volstead Act and nearly destroyed the wine industry, and although people found some loopholes which helped them making and selling wine, the government stepped in and banned the sale of grape juice, which make the American wine industry came to a halt.
  2. Parents Control Children’s TV Watching
    Summary: Parents should think how much TV a child can watch and what effect there might be, because the more time children spend on watching TV, the less time they would allocate for other activities, and they also need to consider the content of TV and its impact on the whole family.
  3. Compulsory Voting Should Be Ended In Australia 
    Summary: Voting is very important to a country, and a strong and stable country relies on its people using their voting right. Australia is one of those countries where every citizen should vote for their presidents, yet citizens often know very little about those candidates, thus they just choose the first one in the lists.
  4. Tree-Ring Dating
    Summary: Tree-ring dating, also known as dendrochronology, can be used to determine the age of trees, and counting the rings and studying the sequence and width of the rings can help people to reconstruct past climate.
  5. Armed Police Go To NSW School
    Summary: Armed police have been introduced to schools across the state of NSW to reduce crime rates, educate students in NSW, and build positive relationships with students despite the relations were recently under strain, and although constable Purvis pointed out some issues like the use of fake ID, it is undeniable that sending police to schools is innovative and there are positive benefits.
  6. Cow and Grass
    Summary: The co-evolutionary relationships between cows and grass is underappreciated, because grasses have evolved to withstand the grazing of ruminants, and cows which have a special organ called rumen which would help to digest grass and spread and fertilise seeds with the manure, and cows would also expand their habitat by preventing trees from gaining too many footholds.
  7. Skipping Breakfast
    Summary: Skipping breakfast will make metabolism slower and result in hypoglycemics, and this is particularly detrimental for school children, because they may just imitate those adult to skip breakfast, and what they only need is just cereal and low-fat milk as a complete breakfast.

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