PTE Academic Essay: “It Is Foolish To Get Married Before Getting Higher Education.” Agree Or Disagree.

Write about the following topic:

It is foolish to get married before getting higher education.” Agree or Disagree.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.


It is argued that whether a person should get married before getting higher education or not. In this essay, I will present my viewpoint after weighing both sides.

Some experts are of the view that people should get a higher education first before getting settled with marriage. One reason I sight could be a lack of finance or career stability. Young people who have no savings or burdened by debt or graduates who are struggling with job insecurity may not feel they are in a position to get married. Higher education offers good future prospects and career options. Youngsters should spend a good time establishing themselves before they get serious about marriage and handle responsibilities of marriage and family is the thought of the people supporting this viewpoint.

There are other people who believe that a delayed marriage is directly linked to increasing number of divorces. People who marry late in life find it more difficult to adjust with their life partner than the people who marry early. By the late 30’s, one’s habits, preferences, and lifestyle have been formed so they find it challenging to adjust with other person’s perspective. Also in no way, marriage hinders someone’s dreams or higher aspirations in life. In fact, some people believes that marriage proves to be a driving force in your personal and professional life so you can always go for higher education after marriage.

To conclude, settling down is a never ending process so the decision to attain higher education after or before marriage should be one’s own personal choice. Either way, it should be a good option for your development, personally and professionally.

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