Latest PTE Exam Questions & Topics 2017 Test 4

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Here is the part 4 of our series “Latest PTE Exam Questions 2017”.  We have collected all latest PTE Academic exam questions frequently coming in 2017 from various sources. All you need is to go through these REAL EXAM QUESTIONS and get your required scores of 65+ or 79+.

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PTE Latest Speaking Questions 2017:

Describe Image:
1. Academic artworks UK bar graph
2. World population distribution based on income for 2 years
3. Annual per capita meat consumption line graph

Retell Lecture:
1. Welsh Language
2. 5 Dimensions
3. Latin America economic growth

Answer Short Questions:
1. How many quarters are in a year? 4
2. Where does Solar energy come from? Sun
3. A table is given with the number of population in 4 regions. Identify the 3rd most populous region.

PTE Latest Writing Questions 2017:

Summarize Written Text:
1. Cow and grass
2. Aging problem

The information revolution has changed the way of mass communications and had some negative and positive effects on individual lives as well as on society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

PTE Latest Reading Questions 2017:

Multiple Choice Choose Single Answer:
1. A paragraph describing reasons of giving instructions for assignment submission

PTE Latest Listening Questions 2017:

Summarize Spoken Text:
1. Awareness among citizens
2. Development of robots

Highlight Correct Summary:
1. Isotopes of C12 and C13
2. Math Lab

Write From Dictation:
1. Politics as a discussion topic is usually not safe
2. Movement of history as recorded by several writers
3. Funding required for postgraduate project

Main PTE Academic Exam Section:

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