Latest PTE Exam Questions Bank & Topics 2017 Test 3

Here is the part 3 of our series “Latest PTE Exam Questions 2017” and latest topics for 2017. PTE has not shared actual answers to these tests so the answers here are only estimated and not actual. You can also share your recent PTE real exam questions after giving your PTE exam.

If you are finding it difficult to get your required scores of 65 or 79 or want to score well in just ONE ATTEMPT then you need to go through these test topics NOW.

Main PTE Academic Exam Section:

PTE Latest Essay 2017:

What is the most important invention? Advantages and disadvantages to the society.

PTE Latest Summarize Spoken Text 2017:

1. Globalization
2. The secret life of bee

PTE Latest Summarize Written Text 2017:

1. Nobel prize winner Al Gore
2. Animal can not think but human can
3. Reducing carbon footprint of Olympics games

PTE Latest Reading MCQ 2017:

What is thought?

PTE Latest Listening MCQ 2017:

1. Interview of football player
2. Mosquito bite

PTE Latest Highlight Summary 2017:

1. Enzymes rubisco
2. Carbon isotopes C12 and C113 which help in low water consumption
3. Transportation

PTE Latest Reading Fill In The Blanks 2017:

1. Related to Botswana
2. Music popularity in China or Japan

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