[Latest] PTE Academic Reading Reorder Paragraphs Practice Part 8 [Solutions]

I believe for most of PTE Academic students, Reorder Paragraph (Reading) is a headache. In this task type, the sentences, generally ranging from 4-6 texts are listed in the wrong order, requiring candidates to quickly judge and re-order in a very short period of time. To find the logical relationship between the paragraphs is the key to solving the problem. To find the most logical order of sentences is a bit tricky and in addition, PTE scoring mechanism makes the students scoring difficult.

In this post, we have given latest reorder paragraphs question along with solution, explanation and practice questions. These high frequency test questions will get you into solving general skills of reorder questions and help you score higher [65+]. For the practice section, send your responses to the public via comments for further discussion and to see if you got it right?

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How To Answer Reorder Paragraph Questions In PTE Academic?

PTE Reorder Paragraphs [Solved] – FULL EXPLANATION

To help the students better, we have provided the explanation to every reorder paragraph task in this section. Instructions: Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

PTE Reorder Paragraph #1

A. The mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking is one of the most important issues in the
present Particle Physics.
B. They are required to give masses for all quarks and leptons and to guarantee the absence of the
gauge anomaly.
C. In the standard electroweak model a fundamental Higgs doublet is introduced to cause the
spontaneous symmetry breaking.
D. Supersymmetry (SUSY), eliminating all quadratic divergences, may provide a better
theoretical basis to describe a fundamental Higgs boson with a relatively small mass to a high
energy cutoff scale, say the Planck scale for example.
E. In the minimal SUSY extension of the standard electroweak model the Higgs sector consists
of two chiral superfields of Higgs doublets (HI and H2 with opposite hypercharges).

PTE Reorder Paragraph #1 – Solution & Explanation:

ADCEB is the most logical sequence of the sentences. A will be the opening line as it mentions the mechanism of electroweak symmetry as one of the most important issues in Particle physics. The sentence D will form a logical pair as the SUSY further elaborates the term (most important issue mentioned in A). Text C refers to the “fundamental Higgs doublet”. Text E refers to the minimal SUSY further describes the Higgs sector which consists of (H1 and H2 with opposite hypercharges). Text B will follow as it further justifies the function of SUSY (required to give masses
for all quarks…….gauge anomaly). So, the correct sequence will be ADCEB.

PTE Reorder Paragraph #2

A. Shakespeare did not personally prepare his plays for publication, and no official collection of
them appeared until after his death.
B. Some were probably based on actors’ memories of the plays.
C. Many of these quartos are quite unreliable.
D. A collection of his sonnets, considered by critics to be among the best ever written in English,
appeared in 1609.
E. Marry individual plays were published during his lifetime in unauthorized editions known as

PTE Reorder Paragraph #2 – Solution & Explanation

ADECB is the most logical sequence of the sentences. The sentence A is the opening line as it refers to the term” no official collection of Shakespeare’s play appeared until his death. Text D refers to Shakespeare’s collection of sonnets that appeared before 1609 just before his death. Text E and C will form a logical pair as the term “quarots” is further elaborated in text C. Also, sentence B justifies the term “quartos”(were probably based on actors memories of the play). So the correct sequence will be ADECB.

PTE Reorder Paragraph #3

A. But there are incorrigible optimists who see a bright future.
B. The Pundits still predict doom and they insist that it is the end of the road for cinema.
C. The world of cinema is indeed a strange one and baffles many a critic. At the temples of the box office, fortunes are made and unmade.
D. The world of cinema has, they say, its own attraction.
E. Perhaps a positive outlook is not unwarranted. A doomsday approach is far too fatal at this stage.

PTE Reorder Paragraph #3 – Solution & Explanation

CBADE is the most logical sequence of the sentences. The sentence C is the opening line as it refers to “the world of cinema” as “strange”.  The text B mentions ‘still’ which contradicts C’. The text A mentions ‘but’ which contradicts the view conveyed in B. Hence BA. D mentions ‘they’ which refers ‘incorrigible optimists’ in A. Hence AD.  Also text D mentions “attraction”, that is consistent with positive outlook of optimists hence logically D follows A. E mentions positive outlook and hence CBADE is the correct logical sequence.

PTE Reorder Paragraph #4

A. It is certainly true that the critics—those persons whom the dictionary describes as “skilled in judging the qualities or merits of some class of things, especially of literary or artistic work” – have long harboured murderous thoughts about the conditions of our drama, but their ineffectuality as public executioners is legendary.
B. But not close enough, it would seem, for this “marriage” constitutes the case of an absolute desire encountering a relative compliance.
C. The reviewers, by contrast, come close to being the most loyal and effective allies the commercial theatre could possibly desire.
D. Perhaps the greatest irony in a situation bursting with ironies is the reiterated idea that the critics are killing the theatre.
E. We all know that when theatre people or members of the public refer to the critics, they nearly always mean the reviewers.

PTE Reorder Paragraph #4 – Solution & Explanation

DEACB is the most logical sequence of the sentences. ‘B’ mentions “this marriage” and ‘C’ mentions “allies”.’ C’ mentions ‘close to being’ and ‘B’ mentions ‘but not close enough’. Hence,’ B’ should follow ‘C’.’ A’ is about critics and ‘C’ is about reviewers (‘by contrast’), hence ‘C, should come after ‘A’. ‘E’ talks how ‘we’ mix up ‘critique’ and ‘reviewers, while E talks about “critics being Reviewers”, hence D should come after E.’ A’ cannot come in between ‘C’ and ‘B’ as stated by the same logic described in the first sentence above. ‘A’ should come before ‘C’ as A talks about murderous thoughts and ‘C’ talks about loyalty which are contrasted. So,’ E’ should be followed by ‘A’ and then ‘C’.
Based on above arguments, DEACB is the most logical option.

PTE Academic Reading Reorder Paragraphs Practice Part 8

PTE Reorder Paragraph #5

A. To paraphrase Nietzsche, the existentialists had killed God.
B. One is thus left wondering what to make of The Fall, steeped as it is in Christian imagery
and thought.
C. Camus throughout his life was very much a secular philosopher.
D. Perhaps as he reached middle age Camus was questioning the relentlessly amoral, selfcentered
worldview of the existentialists.
E. Lack of hostility toward Christianity does not of course imply acceptance.

PTE Reorder Paragraph #6

A. Since then, the range has widened. Last year credit spreads’ standard deviation, a measure of dispersion, had risen more than sixfold.
B. The credit rating agencies use legions of highly trained analysts with access to top management.
C. In 1997 two-thirds of debt rated triple-Bby S&P was priced within 20 basis points (hundredths of a percentage point) of the average bond with the same rating.
D. Their meticulous reports giving ratings for corporate bonds are designed to give an accurate picture of the bonds’ riskiness and, ultimately, the probability of default.
E. Lately, rating agencies have struggled to keep up; it seems a bond’s rating tells you ever less about the price that investors are willing to pay.

PTE Reorder Paragraph #7

A. Ignorance is the opposite of knowledge, i.e., want of knowledge.
B. To deal with uncertainty and ignorance economists have recognized the entrepreneur as
possessing this non-rational form of knowledge.
C. Like some ancient priest-king, the entrepreneur ‘knows’ the future and leads his people.
D. Entrepreneurial knowledge is essentially intuitive.
E. It involves seeing and realizing a vision of future markets, products and/or other

PTE Reorder Paragraph #8

A. Wonder is marvellous, but it is also cruel, cruel, cruel.
B. We have paid a terrible price for our education, such as it is.
C. Of course, wonder is costly because it is the antithesis of the anxiously worshipped security.
D. The Magian World View, in so far as it exists, has taken flight into science.
E. We have educated ourselves into a world from which wonder has been banished.

PTE Reorder Paragraph #9

A. In effect, labour becomes warm hot bodies applying muscle not brains.
B. Education and training adds to the stock of ‘human capital’.
C. In conventional terms, labour refers to the physical and mental effort of a human being
applied to the production of goods and services.
D. Labour, unlike capital, has been subject to definitional reduction through time rather
than expansion.
E. Similarly, entrepreneurship and management have become detached from labour.

PTE Reorder Paragraph #10

A. The impetus for change in cargo handling, after years of operational inefficiency has come from new private sector facilitators.
B. Other ports, both major and minor, have spurred into action.
C. And the government agrees this is having a cascading effect on the functioning of other ports.
D. In terms of cargo handling efficiency, some of India’s ports have lately undergone a sea change.

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  1. PTE Reorder Paragraph #6: CABED
    PTE Reorder Paragraph #7: CDABE
    PTE Reorder Paragraph #8: ACBED
    PTE Reorder Paragraph #9: BDCAE
    PTE Reorder Paragraph #10: DACB

    Are these correct?

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