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Latest Essay: Talk About The Pros/Cons Of This Era As Is Full Of Daily Inventions

Write about the following topic:

Talk about the pros/cons of this era as is full of daily inventions.

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We are surrounded by many daily inventions. From searching nearby hang out a place to saving our pictures on cloud technological inventions do enrich our lives. There are both pros and cons of these daily inventions. In this essay, I will layout both advantages and disadvantages of daily inventions to human life.

Firstly, the technological invention has shaped our lives in every possible way we can think of. The Internet is full of tons of information which can be retrieved in a click. The advanced farming tools have helped farmers in increasing productivity and greatly reduced their workload. Youth can’t think of spending one day without smartphones and tablets. The advancement in medical fields has improved life expectancy and minuscule our daily life problems.

These stats clearly describes how daily inventions has enriched human life. Thus, it can be concluded that daily inventions have played a pivotal role in making human life more efficient.

Even though technological inventions has made our life more efficient, yet it could be a bad thing. We have started more of a robotic life. People now are spending more time in front of computers or using smartphones. We prefer chatting hours on social media with a stranger rather than talking to one sitting next to us. It has destroyed our social life. We now spend less time with our family which has created an imbalance in family life. Everything comes with unpleasant consequences, and these are some of the cons to daily inventions that we have to bear.

After analyzing both pros and cons of daily inventions in this era I can conclude, daily inventions has played a pivotal role in making human life more efficient. Though, there are few cons which can be dealt upon in the future and steps taken to remedy them.


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