How to Ace PTE Speaking? Target 79+

How to Ace PTE Speaking? Target 79+

Good PTE speaking preparation requires applying specific task related good and effective strategies. This post will explain essential skills and will update you with important points shared by students who recently appeared for PTE exam. It gonna help to improve your speaking section for the PTE test day.

How to Ace PTE Speaking? Target 79+

The important points to remember and strategies given here can be used to score high marks in PTE Speaking section but if a student’s basic English speaking skills are not good enough then it is difficult to score well in PTE.

Before starting to prepare for PTE Speaking task ensure that you communicate in English effectively which includes:

  • Pronunciation
  • Intonation
  • Speed
  • Sentence and word level stress
  • Where you take a pause or a break
  • Tests your anxiety and confidence level

PTE Speaking Preparation

Sections Involved:

There are total three parts or sections in this test. The first one is Speaking & Writing which usually comes with a time span of 77-93 minutes. In section 1, you’re provided to execute the following:

  • Personal Intro
  • Sentence repetition
  • Image Description
  • Essay (20 minutes)
  • Short question answers
  • Read Aloud- This is one of the trickiest item types. PTE Read Aloud is not only about speaking, they check your pronunciation and flow of speech.
  • Retell Lecture

Tips & Tricks:

Well, it would be evident to say that preparation is the only key to success. It’s advisable to understand each & every element before the exam. The below-mentioned tips might come handy for your PTE Academic preparation.

  1. Speak crisp and clear:

Speaking very fast or even very slow can affect your marks in the test. As a test taker, you must stress the fact, you must strive to speak at a good rate, don’t rush. Follow a natural appeal, be confident and don’t waste your test time.


  1. Microphone:

What comes as an important fact is that, microphone given to you would turn off after every 3 seconds if there isn’t any constant sound. In other words, be ready with handy connectives while you’re thinking like “umm”. Just don’t pause for too long, as soon as you hear a short question, the recording box would start recording.

  1. Image identification:

For questions about image identification, you must be really careful about whether it’s a graph, map, table or even chart? It is always advised to take notes on the erasable board given during the test. Follow a novel approach & quickly determine the main point of the given image. Looking for highest & lowest values can be of great worth.

  1. Writing:

When it comes to writing sections, well, it’s advisable to write quickly. One must develop the speed and skill set to ace the writing part. Using more abbreviations and skipping the article would save you both, time and errors. Practicing writing an article on your laptop every day can help you significantly during the tests.

PTE Speaking Specific Tasks Strategies:

Repeat Sentence:

It is really very hard to get all the words correct in this task but you can still score good with getting two words correct in a row, right word stress, strong pronunciation. Try not to repeat the word and speak without hesitation.

Describe Image:

In this task , it is advisable to break the answer into 3 parts viz. introduction, body and conclusion. You should speak for at-least 30-40 seconds with covering all the key elements or at-least most of them in clear voice. Practice all types of describe image – charts, maps, pictures, tables, processes to increase confidence level. Practice describe image (sample response is given for your reference) New Questions Type 2018-19.


You should practice by imitating native speakers of English language. This way you can improve your pronunciation, intonation, speaking speed, correct word stress and pause. TED talk can be of great help for PTE speaking. Listen to any of your favorite TED talk and try to speak along with the speaker, this is known as shadowing the speaker. Read out loud and in a clear voice. Practice a lot with correct technique and it’s achievable.


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