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Essay Writing: Positive And Negative Effects Of The Information Revolution…

Write about the following topic:

Positive and negative effects of the information revolution through mass media.

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We are living through information revolution where vast data and ideas are available to average people more than ever. Unarguably mass media played a vital role in the information revolution. In this essay, I lay both positive and negative effects of the information revolution through mass media.

The explosion of digital mass media in the early 21st centuries created democratization of information, access, and power. Through mass media technologies, anyone can upload his/her own information and ideas to a vast audience. Any piece of information or news from around the world can be accessed in a click. Personal opinions expressed on social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or blogs reaches the global audience.

Public opinion through mass media like TV, newspaper, radio or social sites also have a great impact on world politics and thus impacts political leaders. Connecting with people on the internet is a growing activity in democratic politics. Internet activism influences everything from U.S. presidential campaigns to uprisings in the Arab world. Although information revolution is empowering, it has negative effects too.

Criminals and Extremists also have greater access to information through mass media. With the help of satellite images, they plan terrorist attacks and target people or facilities, as well as influence and radicalize vulnerable people. Anyone’s home addresses, cell phone numbers or location are readily available on the internet which can be used to carry out bank accounts hacking or illegal access to government data files.

To conclude, the information revolution is empowering and crucial for human development but the check should be made on what kind of material is to be broadcast as it can shape the mindset of whole society.

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