Essay: Working And Living Abroad Helps Us To Know Other Cultures Well…

Write about the following given essay topic in 200-300 words:

Working and living abroad helps us to know other cultures well. How far you think working abroad has good or bad impacts on our cultural lives?

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The individuals working and living abroad realizes the importance of knowing about the cultural differences that surround them. And to know and relate to other’s culture well, one needs to be well versed with one’s own culture and values. I believe working abroad has a more good impact on our cultural lives than bad.

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The awareness of differences in culture is important for us and especially for individuals working and living away from their home country. There are many cultural differences surrounding those people. For example, in most of the countries, shaking the head in a horizontal direction implies NO while in India it means YES. Laughing signifies happiness universally but in Japan, it indicates a sense of confusion, insecureness, and embarrassment. So to learn much about such differences, one need to be aware of the culture of people surrounding them. Consciously or Unconsciously our culture is part of our daily life and living around people with such diverse background increases our knowledge about ourselves like beliefs, body language, communication style or other characteristics with which we see the outside world.

The world is diverse and I think more exposure to such experiences improves one’s own cultural life. By interacting with those people around us we can learn new learning or new norms. Learning about other’s experiences, we get a chance to see the things with a different perspective and it opens up a whole new world in front of us. It also saves us from the empathy of ‘culture shock’. On the whole, working and living abroad will make up the difference of knowing and living other culture. It benefits include the discovery of yourself and more tolerance towards others.

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