Essay Topic: The Role Of Human Cloning Has Accelerated Rapidly…

Write about the following given essay topic in 200-300 words:

The role of human cloning has accelerated rapidly. To what extent you think will it replace the material things!

Complete the task in 20 minutes.


To date, no human being has been officially cloned, but the recent success of therapeutic cloning in animals is accelerating the role of human cloning in near future. The concept of human cloning has raised many controversies and remains hotly debatable topic due to the taboo associated with it and laws prohibiting human cloning in virtually all parts of the World. Where some people see the future, I believe it to be extremely unethical as it will replace material things to a great extent.

The scientists have successfully cloned human embryos and have been theoretically seen to clone humans. If legalized in the future, it has the potential for the illicit cloning of you and purposely using it for devastating activities. Cloning someone’s favorite celebrity or raising the deads will a regular thing. It is speculated that some might use clones for creating unrest in society and for criminal and terrorist activities. The uniqueness out of sexual reproduction will be lost and many of human beings will choose reproductive cloning.

Every country will then employ more of human clones in the defense services. The evolution and success of humankind lie in the genetic and cultural diversity. Though “Therapeutic Cloning” is successful in obtaining remedies for many genetic diseases but human’s individuality and soul will be lost if cloning continues to develop.
To conclude, cloning is speculated to be a harmful progress. As we might have seen in some sci-fi films, human cloning will shake the foundation of our civilization and will be the first step towards the destruction of human beings.

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