Essay: “Right Amount Of Motivation And Practice Can Teach One Better Than…

Write about the following topic:

“Right amount of motivation and practice can teach one better than the training given to him in classrooms by teachers”.
With amount of motivation and practice, people can learn anything that the experts teach in the classroom. Agree or not?

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.

Throughout the World, everyone sees classroom education and training as the key factors to good future and hence prosperity. But with the right amount of motivation and practice, any individual can attain that knowledge that the experts teach in the classroom.

Motivation is what makes all the difference between waking up and going again to bed. In fact, right kind and the right amount of motivation is important to learning because engaging in learning and absorbing knowledge is an active process requiring learner’s conscious effort. Even the students learning in classrooms require motivation to pay attention to what their teachers are teaching. What the individual require is to set standards and goals and exert some effort.

For example, when an individual has a keen interest in learning how computer users interact with computer networks than he/she makes effort to gain mastery in IT field. Usually, the things that we enjoy is characterized by high energy, self-determination, and better involvement. The self-motivation don’t let the person settle for less and crave for more knowledge through e-learning, books, guidance, and self-practice. As he/she enjoys the learning about IT so returns to the activity voluntarily and try to practice beyond basic skills that are often taught in classrooms bound environment. Choosing and practicing the subject of one’s own interest rather than compelled to do it makes all the difference in skilled labors and leaders.

To conclude, it is nor the teachers neither classrooms but the environment in which the learning takes place. It’s one’s own individual attributes and motivation that can teach one better than the training given to him in classrooms by teachers.

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