Essay: People Spend Too Much Time At Work. Discuss.


Write about the following PTE essay topic in 200-300 words. Complete the task in 20 minutes.

Essay Topic:

Nowadays, People Spend Too Much Time At Work To The Extent That They Hardly Have Time For Their Personal Life. Discuss.

People spend too much time at work to the extent that they hardly have time for their personal life. It affects their personal life negatively. This topic generates a lot of discussions and invites viable views from people.


In today’s world of evolving technology and global economy, we, as human beings are required to have the knowledge and skills to adapt to the fast changing workplace and the world. Every sphere of our life has been enhanced by technology. And it is important that we should learn new standards and technologies in order to be successful in our career and achieve financial independence.

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We are living in the 21st century and everyone wants to get higher living standards, give Health Canada Pharmacy better future to their children and ameliorate resources to interact with a global society. To make a prominent place in the society and for successful professional life, people work hard and spend too much at work in result to compromise their personal family life. And to no surprise, most of the people are very well aware that they are spending too much time at work.

The theory of work/life balance is essential here. This theory requires to create a balance between work (career, goals) and life (family, health, pleasure). It does not mean you should devote majority or half of your time to personal space, but to spare some time for personal life too. The over time spend at workplace leads to exhaustion, stress, nervousness and lifestyle diseases. Some organization conducts workshops and seminars on life skills education at to improve all aspects of their employee’s life like health, relationship, personal life.

To conclude, in the run to make our lives better, people are compromising with their personal life. Ironically, people want to succeed in their professional life to spend some time with their family members.

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