Essay On Discipline

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Essay On Discipline – For Students & Children

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Discipline is vital to every living being. Without discipline there is no individual or society. Without discipline mankind will be ruined. It is discipline that unites man to man, and one society to another. Hence discipline is one of the basic insignia of social life.

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Many of us think that discipline and punishment are the same thing, but in reality, they are really quite different. Discipline is a positive teaching tool based on caring, praise, and instructions for good behavior while punishment is negative; something unpleasant that happens when rules are broken. Punishment should be only a very small part of discipline.

Discipline cannot be acquired from books. From the time of waking to the time of going to sleep, we should follow discipline in our daily life. It is not only for students but should be followed by elders as well.

In a student’s life, discipline plays a very important role. Even in ordinary activities like sitting, students should learn the right way of doing things. Telling students or children how to behave is an important part of discipline, but showing him how to behave is even more powerful.

Many studies have shown that children learn a lot about temper and self-control from watching their parents and other adults. If they see elders being kind toward each other, they will learn the act of respect and politeness. With “Learning by Seeing” approach, elders can help their children develop good behavior, have a positive approach toward life, and become productive, good citizens.

Discipline must start from early years. Discipline is essential for every group, for every society and for every political institution. No nation can exist without discipline.

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