Essay: Formal Written Examination Is An Effective Way To Assess Students

“Formal written examination is an effective way to assess students”. Do you agree with the statement?”
In the education system, assessment through formal written examination still valid?

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.


There has long been much contention about the evolution of teaching methods, its effectiveness and growing emphasis on methods to assess a learner’s performance. I partly agree with the statement as the formal written examination is an effective way to test what students have learned in class but this method has flaws too which I will further explain in this essay.

Throughout the world, the examination is an official sanction, indispensable method to force the learners to put in more effort, to stay motivated and strive for more energetic attempt to achieve the goal. In our contemporary school systems, formal written examinations are organized at fixed intervals (quarterly, semi-annual or annual) to assess the level of knowledge in students and in the case of failure, they are made to repeat the class. Through this conventional method, students are subjected to tests of control of the knowledge taught.

Through formal written examinations, educators get a view of children who require informed assistance. In particular, the early diagnosis of deviation in student’s attributes and pedagogical methods of teaching makes it possible to identify and address the weaknesses before they become irremediable.

Having said that, the formal written examination cannot gauge one’s level comprehensively. Often in such exams, the mere cramming of subjects is enough to score good grades which I think is not an effective method to assess a learner’s ability and skills. The educators should think of other qualitative assessments tools and performance evaluation methods like oral presentation, group discussion etc. to assess both learning outcome and quality of learning process.

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