Essay: The Food Travels Thousands Of Miles From Farm To Consumer. Some People Think…

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The food travels thousands of miles from farm to consumer. Some people think it would be better to our environment and economy if people only ate local produced food. What extent do the advantages outweigh disadvantages?

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The food produced near the consumer is generally referred to as ‘local produced food’. Many people equate ‘local food’ to fresh, healthy and produced in an environment-friendly way. Having locally grown food has more of advantages than disadvantages for the consumer, economy, environment and the community.

The food system has consolidated over the past many years. The food now travels over the greater distances but the experts sight its negative impact on the environment and on the health of the people. Due to extra packaging and refrigerate trucking distribution system, it pollutes the environment and additionally increased the risk for food safety problems. The chances of food contamination increase greatly as more the distance between the grower and the consumer.

In global industrial food system, the food travels thousands of miles from farm to consumer. This system relies heavily on centralized transportation and packaging system which are often at a very long distance from the consumer. While the food was grown and consumed locally adopts a shorter distribution system and it cuts out the extra cost of processing, packaging, transport, and middlemen. If people ate ‘locally produced food’, it will not only benefit the economy by employing local farmers and also lowers the cost of food in the local market. By purchasing ‘local produced food’, people help and support small farmers and merchandise.

Indeed, locally grown food is a lot more fresh and healthy than the food coming from miles. It guarantees the consumer with intact nutritional value and better flavors as the food has directly come from farm to your plate, therefore, loses fewer nutrients and less wastage. To conclude, I believe that the advantages of having locally grown food outweigh the disadvantages.

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