Essay: “Euthanasia Is No Longer Acceptable In The Modern Society”. Discuss

Write about the following topic:

“Euthanasia is no longer acceptable in the modern society”. Discuss the solutions to accept this fact.

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In general terms, Euthanasia is the practice of intentionally ending a life in order tramadol for relieve pain and suffering. Voluntary Euthanasia is not illegal in many countries but I am of the view that Euthanasia in any form should not be accepted.

The government should establish a regulatory system to prevent the abuse of euthanasia. Often the weak and vulnerable people request of painless death but such practice diminishes our natural human instincts of survival. So euthanasia should be discouraged and a strong message in the form of ‘punishment’ should be implemented. Euthanasia is still practiced like removing people from their beds to be placed on the cold ground for sudden death. Human life is a gift from God and every human being has the right to self-determination and thus should be allowed to choose their own fate. Irrespective of age, sex, religion and ability to achieve, all human beings are to be treated equally. We are alive and is the sole reason for celebration in itself.

The mentally and physically handicapped people will be the most vulnerable if Euthanasia is accepted in the society and no one could deny the possibility of what happened in Nazi Germany. Public awareness programs and drives are to be organized by government and public institutions to teach people about the importance of human lives and to treat everyone living in the society equally. By giving support to euthanasia, “right to die” will soon publicize into “duty to die”. Everyone must analyze the impact of legalizing Euthanasia not only on the individual level but on the societal level too.

To conclude, human life is a mystery in itself and not just biological components. If we respect life so does we must respect death. We, as a society, must not accept Euthanasia and prevent the killing of individuals.

2 thoughts on “Essay: “Euthanasia Is No Longer Acceptable In The Modern Society”. Discuss”

  1. “Euthanasia is no longer acceptable in the modern society”. Discuss the solutions to accept this fact.

    This is a problem solution essay. The problem here is that “Euthanasia is no longer accepted in society”. Hence the essay should talk about why this is a problem and provide solutions to make the society bring back euthanasia.

  2. The importance of euthanasia no longer being accepted in modern society which was always debatable has now become more controversial. The substantial influence of euthanasia has sparked the controversy over the potential impact of this trend on modern society in recent years. It can be said that mercy killing cannot be accepted in the modern society, however, some people claim otherwise and hold an opponent’s view. This essay will elaborate how religious and cultural belief systems forbid mercy-killing and how accepting euthanasia will help the health industry and will lead to a logical conclusion.

    At the outset, there are numerous reason why euthanasia is no longer accepted into modern society but the most conspicuous one stems from the fact that religious and cultural belief systems forbid mercy-killing. Furthermore, it can be argued that deciding the fate of a terminally ill patient is ethically incorrect even if it is done voluntarily. For instance, religious countries like India believe that euthanasia is immoral and illegal.

    Approaches to deal with euthanasia not being accepted by modern society are numerous, but the most effective one is by creating awareness of the benefits of euthanasia as painless death can help health industry and tax-payers. Furthermore, permanently brain damaged disabled, who will be in a coma forever, cost a fortune on health systems. The government can form policies to legalize euthanasia which can play a crucial role in the sustenance of health industry.

    From what has been discussed above, one can conclude that the impact of Euthanasia, which is longer accepted in the modern society is prominent, although the way it helps in the sustenance of health industry should be well handled.

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