Essay: Some Effective People Like Repetitive Routine, Such As Eating The Same Food, Do You Like This Way?


Write about the following topic:

Some effective people like repetitive routine, such as eating the same food, do you like this way?

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.


Some people prefer following the same routine everyday like eating the same food for breakfast, reading books at a particular time and likewise. From tv stars to super models, a solid daily routine is a key to success. Personally, I don’t like being repetitive in my daily life and avoid following a course of action.

Repetitive behaviors or routines are important to many effective people as it allows a better control of the everyday life or a process but consequently it restricts the mind’s ability to improve beyond certain limits. Acting or behaving in a limited framework makes the person lazy as it causes us to lose our interest in adopting new habits. When anyone locks oneself in a habit or routine, he/she refuses to change.

Many experts believe that changing a routine or moving between two activities, can be distressing for some people and it greatly increased their refusal of the challenge. What I believe is, avoiding routine can have numerous benefits on the well-being of the mind and overall personality of the individual. When we shake up the routine, we opt to do one thing differently. For the good reasons, sometimes a different perspective is all we need to change the particular process or situation. By restricting my freedom of action, I definitely do not want to restrict my mind from enriching the knowledge base.

For example, every day I listen to music from different genres to diversify my experience of music and to stimulate my mind. To conclude, though routine offers a sense of security by constructing a comfort zone, but I like to challenge personal stabilization and ask for unusual experience in my daily life.

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