Essay: Does Digital Age Make People More Knowledgeable?

Essay Topic: Does Digital Age Make People More Knowledgeable? Agree/Disagree


In the tech-savvy era, the phenomenon of digital technology and its corresponding impact has sparked a heated debate. Although many people contest that the digital age is responsible for an increased knowledge, the others disagree with this notion. This essay will agree with the proposition that digital period is providing an influx of knowledge to human beings.

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There are a plethora of reasons in favor of the innovative age in which the most preponderant one is that the individuals have an easy and fast access to the information all over the world. In addition, this convenient approach to the statistical and realistic data across the globe is spreading the knowledge and broadening the horizons of the people. For example, a recent study showed that, with the advent of digital media, people are well aware of the latest happenings and knowledgeable. Consequently, the role of digital technology in providing the knowledge is instrumental indeed.

Another pivotal aspect of this argument is that the people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and races are interconnected by digital internet which results in the exchanging of a bulk of ideas and characteristics thereby boosting the knowledge of the significant amount of people. Moreover, people learn about different cultures and traditions with the help of this electronic medium. For instance, a research revealed that the individuals are more knowledgeable about other nations nowadays as compared to the past. Manifestly, the digital age is playing an important role in instilling the knowledge into the people.


In conclusion, this essay discussed the prominence of digital era which is making people knowledgeable in terms of easy access to the information and knowing of international cultures. Therefore, I strongly opine that the digital innovation has made the people knowledgeable.


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