Essay On Crimes & Punishments – Reducing Crime

The model answer for the essay on crimes & punishments. Write about the following topic: How do you think the crime would reduce with harsher punishments or moral teachings? Discuss both the views and take a stand.


Punishment can be an integral part of socialization, and punishing unwanted behavior is often part of a system of pedagogy or behavioral modification. Some people are of the option that the best way to reduce crime is to give harsher punishments. Others, however, think there are better alternative ways like moral teachings to reduce crime.

Essay On Crimes & Punishments

Many legislators and law-abiding residents of society always hope that harsh punishment can effectively deter crime and prevent crime as much as possible. Also, it looks mandatory in case of severe crimes such as terrorism, murder, criminal homicide, rape or kidnapping. Such crimes face heavy fines or imprisonment or even death sentences. The aim is to deter everyone in the community from committing offenses and deter previous offenders from re-offending.

How Effective Are Harsh Punishments In Dealing With Crime?

The critics of this idea think that punishment as a whole is unhelpful and even harmful to the people that it is used against. In some cases, criminals become rebellious and resolve to crime permanently as they feel that the society is unfair to them. So instead of giving them harsh punishment or increasing the serving time, there are many other ways to prevent crime. Advocates of this viewpoint see moral teaching as an important way of teaching offenders the right way.


How To Reduce Crime Essay

Moral education should be incorporated as a part of the education system which will produce law-abiding, civic and socially acceptable beings. Teaching moral education to criminals or offenders will help them follow the good and right principles of life.

To conclude, I hold the viewpoint that the punishment should be given in proportion to the seriousness of an offense. A delayed justice also increases the rate of crime. So, to reduce crime rate the justice system should be a fast track and give the verdict by checking the validity of the evidence. There is need to restore people’s faith in the law & order.

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