Essay On Capital Punishment – Without Capital Punishment (The Death Penalty)

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Without capital punishment (the death penalty) our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase. Capital punishment is essential to control violence in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

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Crime rate is a menace that each country faces. Violent crime has been climbing steadily for a long time and that the future will only bring further increases. Also, crimes are as much about social failure as individual responsibility. In my point of view, the capital punishment acts as a catalyst to promote fear of law among citizens to deterrent future offenders.

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In the absence of capital punishment, we will become a law-less society. The crimes we are now witnessing such as rape, murder, pedophilia, genocide cannot be addressed by simple punishments. These days we are seeing horrific attacks on women, and children and weaker section of society is continued to be targeted. Without a rigorous penalty like capital punishment, such crimes continue to threatened our society. Especially in the case of rape, murder and terror attacks, the situation will not improve unless government send a strong message to the future offenders of its dire consequences.

While those against capital punishment argued that there is no empirical data to confirm that this practice of punishing somebody to death is productive in controlling crimes. Also they believe that our justice system is incapable of administering the capital punishment in a fair manner. Innocent people are the most to be victimized. It is, therefore, essential to conduct a detailed scrutiny of the case before giving the final verdict.

When harsh punishment becomes reality in a society, there is a long term decrease in heinous crimes. These days, the law enforcement bodies are struggling to maintain peace and justice in society. To meet the expectations of a civil society, it is necessary to enforce the idea that punishment will be consequential and commensurate to the crime. In conclusion, it is the time when we have a mechanism to punish the criminals and help the victims.

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