The Only Effective Way To Deal With Unemployment Is To Introduce Rapid Urbanization. How Far You Agree?

Write about the following topic in 200-300 words:

The only effective way to deal with unemployment is to introduce rapid urbanization. How far you agree?

Complete the task in 20 minutes.

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Although urbanization is the major impetus behind economic growth and development, I doubt implication of rapid urbanization for employment. There is increasing concern about the problem of unemployment, especially in the developing countries. I don’t agree with the view that rapid urbanization is the only effective way to deal with unemployment.

In developing nations, for example, Nigeria, most parts of the population lived from the primary occupations of farming, fishing, poultry farming etc and rapid urbanization will cause these people to move to urban cities. The supply of labor will increase the demand, thus causing joblessness.

Rapid urbanization will also connote people from practicing farming or adopting agriculture as a profession. The introduction of rapid urbanization will majorly hit agriculture sector. The youths will abandon it in search of white-collar jobs and for the higher standard of living in urban cities. Our ancestors have found a variety of job opportunities in rural areas but urbanization will force the people to move to cities. The economic analysts believe that urbanization is the root cause for increasing rate of unemployment in developing nations. One such example is Nigeria.

The outcomes from various surveys also indicate that the unemployment is significantly higher in urban cities than in rural areas as rural people are usually engaged in self-employment. In conclusion, I believe urbanization alone cannot be the explanation as for unemployment. The need is to employ people effectively in the rural sector than to introduce rapid urbanization.

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