Cyberbullying Essay: Effects & Prevention – Model Essay

What is Cyberbullying? To what extent do people experience racist, homophobic and transphobic insults online? When are people most likely to experience abuse? Here is a general “Cyberbullying” essay for students and children in 200, 500 and 800 words.

With the increasing use of smart technologies, cyberbullying has increasingly become prevalent, especially among adolescents. Children and the Internet are a problem of modern parents. The concept of “cyberbullying” is often seen as a separate phenomenon, but, in fact, it is a kind of an age-old problem, like baiting.

What Is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is an insult, humiliation and other remote actions that suppress the child’s psyche and cause negative emotions. Bullying language is heavily context dependent. The majority of insults related broadly to intelligence and appearance, however sexual orientation, religion and gender also other common factors of cyberbullying.

The general tactic used by cybercosters is performed in public forums, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or online information sites and is designed to threaten the victim’s income, employment, reputation or security.


Cyberbullying: Its Effects

Social Networks Online or Online Communities have become so integral to our modern life that some young people have little opportunity to avoid insults, and many are therefore in a state of constant stress and anxiety. For young people who experience shame or self-loathing, it can be dangerous as it leads to extreme self-isolation.
As a victim of cyberbullying, the person shows some signs, not to be missed by the members of his/her family or peer.

Often the person becomes more secretive than usual, does not let his/her laptop, mobile or smartdevices to be touched by anyone. He/she makes “less public” appearance and does not participate in extra curricular activities, minimizes communication with friends and can skip classes. There are sharp mood swings, more often in a depressed state. The excitement of the victim of cyberbullying decreases appetite and there is insomnia.

These are some signs that clearly states that something is wrong with the person and requires immediate attention from the elders. Any violence, whether on the Internet or in real life, causes great damage to the mental and physical health of young people and provokes more and more bouts of stress.

Cyberbullying: On The Basis Of Appearance

Harassment on the basis of appearance is one of the most common types of insults both on the Internet and in real life. With more interest in the life of media celebrities, many young people who, as a result of attempts to copy their idols develop such diseases as bodily dysmorphic disorder or eating disorders.

This trend makes young people vulnerable to insulting remarks about their appearance and creates a superficial culture of values ​​based on appearance.

Cyberbullying: Law Enforcement

Mnay countries and states have cybercrime units, and Internet prosecution is often considered more serious than the case of physical harassment. Also there are number of organizations which are in a coalition to ensure awareness, protection and recourse for an increasing problem.

To conclude, with increasing cases involving teenagers taking their own lives in part because of being harassed and mistreated over the Internet, the government is required to organize more awareness campaigns and programmes in schools and colleges. Also there is need for more laws against cyberbullying.

On cyberbullying, we are providing many essays here to help the students, because they are generally assigned the task of writing essays in any examination or competition in the classroom. You can use this cyberbullying essay for any of your or yours children’s project.

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