Climate Change And About The Roles That Government, Corporate And Individuals Can Play To Improve It

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Climate change and about the roles that government, corporate and individuals can play to improve it.

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The human kind is very well aware of the rising average temperature of the earth and that’s not the only sign around us to see climate change. Most of the climate scientists have a common consensus that current warming trend is very likely human-induced and proceeding at a rate much higher than ever. In this essay, I point out roles that government, corporate, and individuals can play to improve it.

The government needs to create mass awareness programs and improve knowledge of people on how and what are bringing these climate changes. The knowledge about climate change and lifestyle adaptation measures should be conveyed to the public. Without government intervention, such mass programs is difficult to execute as it requires huge initial investment.

Corporate can play their part by promoting energy efficient appliances in offices, encourage its employees to carpool, and by organizing corporate contest for its employees to come up with innovative ideas to save energy and environment. The winning idea can be implement in office.

Every individual should also contribute their bit of effort to save our green environment. By inducing a small change in our lifestyle we can make big difference. People can walk for a shorter distance work or switch to cycling more often than ever.

To conclude, the signs are clear and alarming. We all should adopt energy efficient and environment protection ideas and processes. Make the best use of waste and recycle garbage and chemicals.

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