PTE Speaking Describe Image – Bar Graph (Response)

PTE Speaking Describe Image – Bar Graph: Below are the repeated “Describe Image (Bar Graph)” questions asked in PTE Academic Speaking module. In order to practice these describe image (bar diagram) questions, think for 25 seconds and then speak on this for 40 seconds continuously. The sample responses are given below each bar graph question for your […]

PTE Academic Speaking Describe Image – Process (Audio Response)

In PTE “describe image”, students get only 40 seconds to speak. To score high in this section, prepare 4 to 5 sentences starting with an introduction. It is then followed by 3 sentences describing the process. Make sure to include all relevant information given in the image. Every “describe image” question given here is followed […]

PTE Repeat Sentence: Practice Questions With Answers

In PTE Repeat Sentence task, you have to repeat a sentence that you hear, with correct pronunciation. In actual PTE exam, there are 10-12 repeat sentence tasks. Here we have provided you with 20 ‘repeat sentence’ practice questions with answers. Before that, do read tips compiled by experts to score high in this section. TIPS: […]

PTE Memories – Retell Lecture – The Secret Life Of Bees

PTE Real Exam Retell Lecture – Fiction Novelist – Sue Monk Kidd (The Secret Life of Bees): The Secret Life of Bees is a repetitive topic in PTE Academic exam in retell lecture and summarize spoken text section. This post will help you with the detailed explanation of the fiction novelist “Sue Monk Kidd” and her critically […]

PTE Memories – Retell Lecture – Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic Cells

PTE Academic Retell Lecture Real Exam Topic – many PTE candidates came across the topic of ‘prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells‘ in their re-tell lecture section in the test. So the team at English2Language thought of helping the students to understand this biology concept to score well in PTE Retell Lecture section. RELATED LINKS: PTE […]