PTE Exam Memories – 18/08/2017

The team at English2Language is in constant touch with students preparing and appearing for PTE Academic exam in recent time. We would like to thank one of the students for sharing his PTE exam memories with us. Also, wishing him high score in his exam. PTE Academic Exam Memories – 18/08/2017 PTE DESCRIBE IMAGE: SUNRISE-SUNSET […]

PTE Memories – Retell Lecture – The Secret Life Of Bees

PTE Real Exam Retell Lecture – Fiction Novelist – Sue Monk Kidd (The Secret Life of Bees): The Secret Life of Bees is a repetitive topic in PTE Academic exam in retell lecture and summarize spoken text section. This post will help you with the detailed explanation of the fiction novelist “Sue Monk Kidd” and her critically […]

PTE Memories – Retell Lecture – Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic Cells

PTE Academic Retell Lecture Real Exam Topic – many PTE candidates came across the topic of ‘prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells‘ in their re-tell lecture section in the test. So the team at English2Language thought of helping the students to understand this biology concept to score well in PTE Retell Lecture section. RELATED LINKS: PTE […]

PTE Memories – Retell Lecture – Deceptive Drug Ads

In PTE Academic exam, retell lectures are often repetitive. In order to help you to prepare for PTE Retell Lecture of Listening module, we have tried and collected real-like re-tell lecture topics. Today’s topic is “Deceptive Drug Ads”. Find below the memories of the topic shared by students who appeared for the PTE exam. PTE […]

PTE Memories – Summarize Spoken Text – Mary Mallon

In PTE Academic exam, summarize spoken text and retell lecture are the two most difficult sections. It requires intensive practice to score well in these two sections. Most questions are from the real lectures or speech interception. So today’s topic is Typhoid Mary – Mary Mallon, “Summarize Spoken Text” lectures close to PTE real exam topics. […]