Argumantative Essay On Cohabitation – Marriage Vs. Cohabitation

Write about the following topic.

Cohabitation is believed to bring huge advantages for young people since it enables them to fully understand each other before deciding to get married.

Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


Marriage and kids are not for everyone and this is why couples increasingly prefer cohabitation, that is living together and having a sexual relationship without being married. Couples cohabit, rather than marry, for a variety of reasons. The foremost is to test their compatibility before deciding to get married.

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Cohabitation is now the norm among young couples. In recent times, the number of couples in cohabit almost quadrupled. Many couples believe cohabitation will lower their risk of divorce as they will get the required time to fully understand each other. There are no legal formalities or rights or responsibilities to deal with. You can very well know your partner’s demeanor, conduct and character. It is a sort of test before marriage. That is why cohabitation is rising.

Argumantative Essay On Cohabitation – Marriage Vs. Cohabitation

Some reports reveal no positive effects from cohabiting since most of the cohabit couples are the children of divorce, or have other family members or friends who have divorced. Their reasons for living together include avoiding formalities with legal marriage, convenience, financial savings. Some studies indicate that on average, marriage preceded by cohabitation is 46% more likely to end in divorce. It is believed that cohabitation carries all the worries of marriage without any of the benefits. It gets worse when one of the partner becomes ill or requires hospitalization or long-term care.

I disagree with this notion and in my view, “Cohabitation” is a misconception. I believe those who cohabitate are at a higher risk for divorce. To conclude, cohabit may be right for some people, others should make the best choice for themselves and their future.

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  1. i think every one has rights to choose how to live their life extent what ever the result they must to understand their responsibility, values and important is they have to respect eachother either in marriage or cohabitation life.

  2. Living together before marriage is in trend nowadays. It certainly gives a lot of time to know partner well before getting married. But it is also not acceptable in many societies. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantage of it.

    A few years back living together before marriage was considered bad and couples were seen with disrespect in the society. It is still a taboo in many communities. People used to get married after a couple of meeting and used to know each other after marriage. In most of the cases, couples were not aware of their partner’s good or bad habits. And the imbalance of it caused divorce in many cases.

    In today’s time, people are more openminded and spend enough quality time before they get married. They know each other well, spend time together, do chores and other petty works which are a major cause of fights in almost all the marriages. Living together or cohabitation gives them ample amount of time to understand the person they are getting married. It gives both the parties to take a decision without any pressure and make a happy and healthy married life.

    In conclusion, cohabitation and spending a good amount of time together certainly help couples to take decisions before getting married but it is a personal choice and should be considered the only option.

  3. The concept of living together without getting married has found high level of acceptance in youths of modern society. It is strongly believed that cohabitation provides opportunity to acquaint with each other deeply before getting married. This essay will discuss on the benefits of cohabitation and why the advantages of living together before marriage outweighs its disadvantages.

    Spending life together without getting legally married is a responsible choice and adds enormous value towards developing mutual understanding before marriage. During the past era, when society was more conservative and living together without marriage was considered a taboo, couples only had chance to know each other after they were married. Recent studies and surveys shows that most divorced couples wished they should have spent more time with each other before committing to marital bonds. Being aware of each others habits, likes, dislikes, preferences, weaknesses and strengths by living together and experiencing them first hand aids to mature decision making related to marriage leading to a blissful and good married life.

    Many people believe that cohabitation might corrupt the youth and the liberty can be misused. The decision of spending life together is completely made by couples who are matured and sensible enough to decide about their own life and own the consequences of the decisions they take. It is easier to part and continue life like before if things do not work out in cohabitation as compared to getting divorced if a married life is unsuccessful. Living together without being married is a blessing of social maturity which , if adopted responsibly with positive intent, stabilise and builds strong relationships for life.

    This essay discussed about the benefits of cohabitation and its contribution in forming matured decision of marriage. In my opinion, cohabitation strongly helps in deciding about marriage.

  4. In the past, marriage has been held as an absolute moral necessity for couples to be allowed to live together in the eyes of the community and god. Marriage is a scared vow of loyalty and honesty. From this perspective, marriage serves a role to guarantee that a couple will do everything in their power to stay together. From another perspective, I believe marriage is not entirely a fair agreement unless both parties involved in the decision know all the details about each other. These details include how that person would live with you under the same roof.
    There are many surprises which may occur when one moves in with someone else. It is one thing to date someone and have intermittent periods of time away from that person, but it is a whole new experience to share your lives together under one roof. There are qualms about how clean someone wants the house, agreements about what foods to cook together and many other problems which may arise with friend and family visitations. There are major issues around personal space and potentially annoying habits which people do not realise until they actually live together. Some of these differences may be large enough to warrant ending a relationship.
    In modern times, moral requirements of marriage before cohabitation are becoming less important. Communities in developed societies respect freedom of religion and freedom of personal choice so long as that freedom does not infringe on others. Marriage is a serious legal decision and people should not make permanent decisions unless they are informed on all the details – this includes knowledge of the homelife habits of the person they are getting into the agreement with. I believe cohabitation before marriage is an acceptable practice and perhaps a necessary one.

  5. The people of modern generation has completely changed their mentality towards various aspect of life including marriage. It is in the trend nowadays that young couple are living together without legally getting married. In my personal opinion I would consider both are appropriate depending upon the individual circumstances as both have their own pros and cons.
    Cohabitation are legal in some countries such as Australia, America and many other which allows couple to live together in both physical and mental aspect. Generally, young people are involved in the living relationship as they could determine either the partner they choose can go throughout their life or they are just pretending. The couple will get ample amount of time to know them deeply and later decide their relation in the future. However, living relation can sometime turn out as disaster due to the involvement of sexual activity. In news, there are vivid example of murder, sexual assault and other which can make the female venerable and became easy target for sexual satisfaction.
    On the other hand, people generally prefer marriage over living relationship due to the legal procedure as there are rules and regulation for each other sake. In most of the societies of county like Nepal, India and other have their own traditional way of marriage where living relation is regarded as crime. Legal marriage can make a man responsible as well as the marriage reflect the true identity in the societies of any family. Even though having legal advantage and social benefits, the marriage can some time broke and the outcome is divorce. Many people blame their family as they force to get married to unknown person and result into disputes, misunderstanding and violence. Recently, a woman was murder in Nepal due to the action of drunken husband.
    In the conclusion, Cohabitation and marriage both have pros and cons simultaneously while one should consider deeply before taking any decision to end up in joy and wonderful life otherwise the consequences can be life threatening.

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