2018 PTE Summarize Written Text Sample Answers

In this post, we provide quality PTE Summarize Written Text Sample Answers. In this question type, you are given a passage to read. Then you have to summarize the passage in one sentence comprising 30-40 (not more than 75) words in 10 minutes.

PTE Summarize Written Text

PTE Summarize Written Text Sample Answers

PTE Summarize Written Text Sample Answers #1

Thousands of people lined the banks of the Qiantang River in China on Monday to watch the world famous tidal bore.Locals and tourists gathered along the banks of the river in the cities of Haining and Hangzhou early in the morning to witness the amazing phenomenon, with some staying until late at night.“Wow!” Coinciding with China’s traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, the “one-line tide”, which is a special form of tidal bore that rolls forward at the same speed to form a straight line, travelled up the river.The phenomenon usually starts at the beginning of the eighth lunar month and reaches its peak on the 18th day, three days after the Mid-Autumn Festival. The natural wonder also attracts many surfers looking to challenge themselves by riding the waves of the tidal bore up the river.

Key: The tidal bore in Qiantang River is a great attraction for locals and tourists, including surfers, especially in the Mid-Autumn Festival.

PTE Summarize Written Text Sample Answers #2

Offering a helping hand, robots have become a permanent and inescapable reality of 21st century living, and they’re about to be even more present.

“We’re probably a few years away from having very serious robotics in our lives. The first thing is going to be self-driving cars and then hopefully in the next 20 or 30 years we’ll start to see serious humanoid robots in our homes, doing all the sort of things that we imagine from science fiction.”

We’ve long been intrigued by robots. Standing 9-foot-tall, Cygan was a celebrity robot of the fifties, able to crush cans in his hand, but now he’s the centrepiece of plans for a new Science Museum exhibition in London, charting our fascination and fear of robots back to this model from the 16th century.

“There’s always that slight, you know, cloud on the horizon – they’re wonderful, they’re wonderful but we’re quite scared of them. That’s natural, that’s human. On the basis of 500 years of history, it’s generally robots have tended to be used for people want them to do. The chances of them turning into this terrifying thing that enslaves us all, I think the chance of that is actually quite slim.”Our interest in robots may be rooted in the past, but the mystery behind what they’re capable of continues to intrigue and may very well change the shape of our future.

Key: Robots have become the reality, and many people are often intrigued by their capabilities which may continue to change the shape of future.

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PTE Summarize Written Text Sample Answers #3

“It’s your fault my son will die. You are murderers!” she shouts.

A protest by disabled Bolivians got heated yesterday with police using pepper spray and tear gas on them, causing many to collapse. 150 activists had made a 230-mile trek to La Paz with the aim of protesting in front of the presidential palace, but they were stopped by police with the group then trying to break through a gate. They’re demanding an increase in their benefits, they currently receive just under 100 pounds a year but they want to receive around 50 pounds a month instead. And they’ve taken to extreme measures to raise awareness of their plight, suspending themselves from bridges and even bricking themselves into tiny enclosures. Ana Belan begged the government for a solution, saying they have children who are with them. She asked them to use their hearts unless they preferred to see blood. But the government say extra help is not possible, saying a monthly bonus of 50 pounds is unfeasible, unsustainable, and not rational. Despite the extreme measures taken by police to stop the protest, the government does say they are willing to enter talks with the protesters.

Key: The protest from disability people became heated in order to increase their benefits, and the police had to use pepper spray and tear gas, but these extreme measures do not eventually reach a solution.

PTE Summarize Written Text Sample Answers #4

It’s described as “the Greatest Show on Earth”. But now, after 145 years as the centrepiece of the Ringling Brothers’ Circus travelling across the United States, the show’s last remaining 11 elephants have arrived at a conservation centre in Florida to officially retire.

Meet Asia, the 48-year-old veteran entertainer who spent decades delighting crowds. She, and the other remaining 10, will spend their days outside from now on.

“It’s been in the sense that after 145 years our elephants will no longer be a part of our travelling circus shows. It’s the end of an era, its sweet in a sense and at the end of the day, it’s about these magnificent creatures and conservation, and ensuring that these guys will be around for many generations to come.”

Fewer than 40,000 elephants remain in the wild. Two hundred and fifty are in captivity in the United States, 39 of which are now at this 200-acre centre. The endangered Asian elephants have spent most of their lives in front of crowds of people, but while many may see this as an end of an era, others would argue it’s time for a well-earned rest.

Key: The Ringling Brothers’ Circus, also known as the greatest show on Earth, officially announced their retirement, and all the elephants in the circus will be released to nature.



PTE Summarize Written Text Sample #5

The saying “the camera never lies.” has been with us almost since the beginning of photography – yet we all now know that it can, and dies lies, and very convincingly. Yet most of us still seem to trust the truth of a photographs image – especially in our newspapers or on TV news reports – even though we may question its message. When thinking of photographs as an accurate reflection of unaltered reality. We’re convinced of this when we take un-posed snaps on our family holiday of colleagues the worse for wear at the office party. It is this property of photography that makes it hard to question the evidence before our eyes.

Our holiday snaps, thigh, like photographs showing life ten, fifty, a hundred years ago, tend only to bring about at most a feeling of nostalgia – not always a negative emotion. Many people keep albums to relive the better moments of their lives – and their impact is reduced by the fact that what they show is over, part of history. News photos, on the other hand, in presenting moments of an event that is probably still going on somewhere, must provoke a more vivid, emotional response.

Key: While it is generally believed that photographs are convincing and accurately reflect the truth,
photographic images not only remind people of what was happening in the past but vividly
present what is going on right now as well.

PTE Summarize Written Text Sample #6

In its 21st annual words of the year vote, the American Dialect Society voted “app” (noun, an abbreviated form of application, a software program for a computer or phone operating system) as the word of the year for 2010. Mobile devices’ applications have truly become an essential part of everyday life. Not only with respect to leisure activities, but also with respect to the business world. What are some features of apps?

Apart from the pre-installed apps, there are other apps that can be downloaded to a mobile device’s operating systems, via what are generally called play stores.

  • These apps are not always free, and a portion of the sales price goes to the distribution provider.
  • Generally found helpful in information retrieval and general services availability in a more handy way, apps have now become more sought-after for services by the customers.
  • Some organisations and companies have started offering their services completely through an app; an app operated taxi service is one such example

Key: Mobile devices applications – now popular as “apps” – have become an essential part of our modern lives, because of the benefits they pose in comparison to old-fashioned ways of doing things, and due to the features they include, such as being able to simply be downloaded and start functioning for a specific purpose, such as calling a taxi.

PTE Summarize Written Text Sample #7

The COEVOLUTIONARY RELATIONSHIP between cows and grass is one of nature’s underappreciated wonders; it also happens to be the key to understanding just about everything about modern meat. For the grasses, which have evolved to withstand the grazing of ruminants, the cow maintains and expands their habitat by preventing trees and shrubs from gaining a foothold and hogging the sunlight; the animal also spreads grass seed, plants it with his hooves, and then fertilizes it with his manure. In exchange for these services the grasses offer ruminants a plentiful and exclusive supply of lunch. For cows (like sheep, bison, and other ruminants) have evolved the special ability to convert grass— which single-stomached creatures like us can’t digest—into high-quality protein. They can do this because they possess what is surely the most highly evolved digestive organ in nature: the rumen. About the size of a medicine ball, the organ is essentially a forty-five-gallon fermentation tank in which a resident population of bacteria dines on grass. Living their unseen lives at the far end of the food chain that culminates in a hamburger, these bacteria have, just like the grasses, coevolved with the cow, whom they feed.

Truly this is an excellent system for all concerned: for the grasses, for the bacteria, for the animals, and for us, the animals’ eaters.

Key: There is a co-evolutionary relationship between cows and grass, in which the cows protect the grasses from the deprivation of foothold and sunlight by other vegetation, helping to spread seeds, plant and fertilizing the grasses, while the grasses provide the cows with food as they have the organ called the rumen that cultivates the bacteria, which contributes to converting the grasses into high-quality protein to feed human at last.

PTE Summarize Written Text Sample #8

In times past, it was possible to leave a stressful workplace, go home, and relax. Since less work was mental and more was physical, it was relatively easy to remove oneself—physically and mentally—from it. The sophisticated communication technology available today was not yet developed. In contrast to “the good old days,” it is no longer possible for busy men and women to go home or go on vacation and truly “get away from it all.” It becomes difficult to relax when you are carrying a mobile phone that may go off any minute. The result is higher levels of stress in men and women because technology enables others to “find them anywhere.” (Hockfield, 2001)

Key: Hockfield (2001) argues that modern technology makes it more difficult to truly
separate oneself from work.

PTE Summarize Written Text Practice Questions

PTE Summarize Written Text Practice Question #1

Why are the citizens of some nations rich while the inhabitants of others are poor? It is surely true that ample energy, timber, and fertile land all help raise wealth. However, it turns out that natural resources are only a very small part of the answer. Far more important in determining the wealth of the people are the fundamental political and legal institutions of a nation. Institutions such as political stability, secure private property rights, and legal systems based on the rule of law create the incentives that encourage people to make investments in improving land, and other forms of physical and human capital. These investments raise the capital stock, which in turn provides for more growth long into the future. The cumulative effects of this growth over time eventually yield much higher standards of living: They make the citizens rich. (Edelso, 2002)

PTE Summarize Written Text Practice Question #2

For most people, writing is an extremely difficult task if they are trying to grapple in their language with new ideas and new ways of looking at them. Sitting down to write can be an agonizing experience, which doesn’t necessarily get easier with the passage of time and the accumulation of experience. For this reason you need to reflect upon and analyze your own reactions to the task of writing. That is to say, the task will become more manageable if you learn how to cope with your own particular ways avoiding putting off the moment when you must put pen to paper. (Gordon & Taylor, 1989)

PTE Summarize Written Text Practice Question #3

Technology has significantly transformed education at several major turning points in our history. In the broadest sense, the first technology was the primitive modes of communication used by prehistoric people before the development of spoken language. Mime, gestures, grunts, and drawing of figures in the sand with a stick were methods used to communicate—yes, even to educate. Even without speech, these prehistoric people were able to teach their young how to catch animals for food, what animals to avoid, which vegetation was good to eat and which was poisonous. (Frick, 1991)

PTE Summarize Written Text Practice Question #4

Teachers will not know what the students do not understand if there are elements of cheating among the students. It will be difficult for the teachers to regulate their approaches of instruction as they will assume the students are all doing fine, which might not be true. Cheating hurts the students and prevents teachers from providing the necessary and relevant feedback to their students in the learning process. This should be true to all the teachers who may be interested in providing useful information on what the students are doing or who want to make use of the information they receive from their students to prepare for classroom intervention programs. (Hewitt, 1996)

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  1. Teachers will not aware about the techniques of cheating among students which hurts them and it prevent the students from getting knowledge.

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