PTE Latest Essay: Polygamy Has Increased Widely In Recent Years. What Solutions……

Write on the following given essay topic:

Polygamy has increased widely in recent years. What solutions can you bring forward to decrease this issue?

Complete the topic within 20 minutes. Write a 200-300 word essay.

Model Essay:

Polygamy — or more correctly polygyny is more popular than ever. The people practicing polygamy i.e co-wives sharing one man has gained momentum in recent years. After seeing a positive trend in the rate of its acceptance, the experts predicted polygamy to be legalized in the coming years. This practice needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I am laying out some solutions to decrease this issue in this essay.

Why there is a spike in the practice of polygamy? One reason could be the popularity of television shows like Sister Wives and Big Love. Both the shows documents the life of a polygamist family. Such shows are introducing polygamy to the viewers as “modest practice”. There is need to broadcast more shows promoting ‘monogamy’ and its advantages. The public awareness programs highlighting “higher risk for contracting STD to a non-monogamous person”, domestic violence and increase in mental health problems should be organized.

The debate and programs should be organized at college and universities level to know youth’s view towards marriage and family building. The government role in building or changing beliefs among youth is noteworthy. So the government should not promote social bodies advocating religious fundamentalism and polyamory. And if any of the individuals found to be practicing plural marriage, he should be charged with the violation of the civil law. Some strict penalty should follow so he knows he is in violation of the law. To conclude, the efforts should be made and laws are implemented soon to deaccelerate the practice of polygamy.

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